Movie Review: The Librarian-Curse Of The Judas Chalice

Hey there everyone! After much waiting, we were finally able to pick-up a copy of the 3rd Librarian movie at the library. I was so excited to watch this one and I was really hoping it would be more like the 1st one than the 2nd (I didn't really like the second installment, you can check out both reviews using the following links: Quest For The Spear & Return To King Solomon's Mines).

The Librarian: Curse Of The Judas Chalice
Release Year: 2008
Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy
My Rating: 4/5

The Premise: 
--as read on back cover of DVD

"Librarian by day.
Vampire killer by night. 
Noah Wyle (TV's 'ER') is back as Flynn Carson, along with Bob Newhart (Elf) and Jane Curtin (Coneheads), in the most thrilling adventure in THE LIBRARIAN series yet! On a deadly mission  to recover the historic Judas Chalice, Flynn is saved by--and falls in love with--Simone, a dazzling French woman who harbors a terrifying secret. But when double-crossed by a respected professor (Bruce Davison--X-Men, X2) and ambushed by a ruthless gang, Flynn realizes Simone's secret, his true mission and a shocking discovery are all lying within a decaying New Orleans crypt...a crypt that may be holding Prince Vlad Dracul, whom the world has feared for centuries."

The Trailer:

Yes. Well done, we have our humor back! Finally!!! This installment definitely did not disappoint me. I was just as excited watching this sequel as I was watching the very first Librarian. 

Flynn needs a vacation and winds up in the bayou city famous for jazz and Mardi Gras. That's right, we're heading for New Orleans. 

Voodoo, hidden secrets, New Orleans style cemeteries, music, love, pirates and vampires...wait, vampires?? Yes indeed, we have vampires. While I'm typically very wary about vampires in books and movies nowadays, I really like the touch that this element added to this movie. It was actually rather fitting and it made sense. It wasn't overdone, it was melted in perfectly---like a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. 

We still have all the history and random knowledge typical of Flynn's character and lots of entertaining action sequences [absolutely loved the sword sequence at the beginning]. There are puzzles and raging emotions. Heartache and love are key elements in this movie, and I'm rather glad with how it all turned out in the end. I am especially fond of the dash of pirate tossed into the mix. 

I don't want to ruin the movie, so I'll just conclude my review here. You are going to have to watch it for yourself, because if I continue, spoilers will abound {and I'm sure you don't want that}.


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