Sunday, October 15, 2017

Master's Experience #5: Week 7

Last week I was really focused on doing research to complete an outline for one of my final papers. Additionally, I did a discussion post regarding ethics and digital resources/services. 

Monday I had a case study chat with my professor and classmates, then Tuesday I worked on some more Halloween program prep at the library I volunteer at. Once my assignments were completed Wednesday, I spent the rest of the week doing some fun activities (hockey watching, going out with boyfriend). 

I spent the beginning of the week doing a LOT of research and digging through resources about leadership in order to put together a topic for my outline. One night I was up until at least 4am trying to finish digging through some articles and keyword categorizing them to be sure I had appropriate sources for what I am thinking about discussing in my paper. I went through at least two full academic journal publications; every issue from 1998-2017, which was highly time consuming. I also dug through at least 7 other academic journals that only sporadically covered my topic. 

I'm now entering week 8 of class. I have several assignments to complete within the next two weeks, but thankfully I've already spent some time putting together an outline of when to complete things for the week so I stay on top of everything. 


Week 7: 103

Running Total for the semester: 1076

Monday, October 9, 2017

Master's Experience #4: Week 6

Last week was pretty slow overall as far as school things went.

I was finishing up work on my midterm and gave a presentation on Thursday
Those are really big deals, but I already discussed my midterm during Week 5 and this presentation I've been working on for a pretty long time. I'm really glad its done with and that midterm is done.
The presentation went really well, we stayed within our allotted 10 minutes for the most part, give take 30 seconds. With this presentation over, I only have one more left this semester. Otherwise, everything else is written assignments like weekly discussions and essays/essay preparation.

Last week I did a few hours of volunteering at the library I mentioned previously. There I'm mainly working on preparations for this month's Halloween program for kids. I'm helping out with some pre-setup decoration wise. Every day I go in I get new assignments, so I'm excited to see what I'll be doing this week.

During Week 6 I ended up doing a little less reading since I got a jump on my midterm reading the week before. I don't like waiting until the last minute to do things so I do my best to stay ahead, even if it is just by a day or two. That's my aim for this week, to be done with assignments 2-3 days ahead of time. I'm currently researching in an attempt to pick a topic for my final paper in order to complete the outline I need to turn in.

MUSIC: Last week I was mainly listening to Boys Like Girls while digging through resources and writing my midterm. They've been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school, so I tend to cycle around back to them every so often. Their first album was the best, the second one was pretty good, and the third one was really enjoyable. If I had to rate them it'd be the first one, then the third, and the second last. Just based on my personal preference regarding the melodies. 

PLANS FOR THIS WEEK: This week I'll be working on a discussion post about ethical concerns in libraries and an outline for my final paper. This final paper is for management (which is ridiculous since we only JUST turned in our midterm paper on Friday, and already have to begin working immediately on preparations for the final. A week break in between would have been fantastic, but that isn't how things work I guess.

During all that I'm going to try to check out a few new albums I haven't had a chance to listen to yet like the one Nickelback released in June of this year, as well as Paramore, Josh Turner, Linkin Park, and R5's latest ones. I'm pretty behind on music right now, as I've been listening more to what I already like and ignoring the radio (I don't like much of what is played on it) so I might dip in to sample some of the current hits just to see what's going on. Still waiting on an official release date for Avril Lavigne's new album that is supposed to come out before the end of this year. I'm always psyched to see what she's been working on since I've been a fan from my elementary school days (enough to have already been lucky enough to see her in concert, with Boys Like Girls as her opener [DOUBLE WIN!]). Just recently picked up Garth Brooks' newest album (from last year) from the library, so I'm also checking that out. Already heard one of the songs from it at his concert I went to a few months back (by total random chance) and really liked it, so I'm excited to see what else was on that album (Gunslinger).

I am already working on registration for next semester, in which I'll be finishing up the last core course I need. After that I'll just be working on specialized requirement sections and choosing electives. I'm also in the middle of getting a volunteer project setup. For that I just need to complete some paperwork.

The end of this week is the home opener for my alma mater's club hockey team, so that will be pretty awesome to finally get back to. My jersey is ready to get back in action and out of the closet. I'm pretty much going to try and just work as hard and fast as I can so I can have a good time when the end of the week finally comes rolling around.


Week 6: 71

Running Total for the semester: 973

Monday, October 2, 2017

Master's Experience #3: Week 5


This past week I had to conduct some research "in the field" because of my upcoming Midterm paper for my management class.

When preparing for my research period, I found this to be a really useful source regarding the "Participant Observation Method" that I was supposed to employ:

Participant Observation as a Data Collection Method

While my location for research isn't as exotic as the ones that field work is typically used for among anthropologists, I still found this to be really helpful in figuring out exactly what I was supposed to be doing. It helped me create some foundation questions regarding what I thought I should try to find answers to and what would be especially important to pay attention to.

For the Midterm, I have to write a 10 page paper (not including the reference page) regarding my observations of a library manager and analysis on those observations in relations to models of manager roles we have covered in class, that I also have to do additional research on.

Thanks to that project (and another one coming up in one of my core classes), I am now volunteering at a public library and in just 2 days I have learned a ton of on site information. I've already helped set up and aid with youth programs, learned how to man the reference desk, set up patrons on the computers, how books and other material ordering for the library is done, what a manager does, and was given a run down of the circulation system (locating patrons using their Texas ID when they don't have their library cards, how to put items on hold for patrons, and how to check in returned items). I have been surprised by how much experience I've already been able to gain in just two days of observation and volunteering.


In the past several weeks, this course has had me evaluating different types of resources. These are the ones I've done so far:

  • Dictionary
  • Encyclopedias 
  • Bibliographies & Catalogs
  • Indexes/Abstracts
  • Search Engines
  • Directories
  • Serials

Last week I was also doing a lot of catch up reading for this class in order to do a reading assignment. I've already ranked my assignments and put the ones that were most needed to be finished immediately as my top priorities and have settled this back until closer to the deadline. That may seem slightly ineffective, but for me it isn't, because I feel I have a better grasp on a topic when I cram read a bunch of things about it in one go, than spreading it around over several days and weeks. It sticks in my memory better so I can think about what I have read a lot more critically than if I let it sit.

UPDATE: As of 2 nights ago, that reading assignment is done, so all my focus can go to this week's presentation and midterm...largely the midterm because I'm pretty set with my work on the presentation and its only 10 minutes divided over 3 total people in my group.

The challenge for this week will be getting all my work done while having a cold, since I suddenly got sick after not having been sick in a pretty long while.


Week 5: 364

Running Total for the Semester: 902

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Master's Experience #2: Week 4 - Nvivo and Prezi

Back to the Grad School Grind Stone!

What I worked on this week:

This week I had to learn how to use a quantitative data analysis software called Nvivo for a major group project involving job descriptions. That was pretty peculiar, since I've never had to use anything like that before. Whenever I've had to do "research analysis" it meant finding literary criticism, or analyzing a text all by myself. You read and reread and if you notice patterns of word usage you have to count them yourself. This software allows you to make a coding scheme out of 3-4 pieces of "data" (an article or document) and it will evaluate any others you add in. It will also count the most frequently used words and allows you to put them into graphic organizers (Word Trees, Word Clouds, charts, tables). I honestly don't think I will ever use this software again unless it is required for a future class, and there is no free student version anyway, so we had to use a 14 day trial of it to complete the assignment. It was an incredibly frustrating program and overall I just didn't find it to be new user friendly. Usually I can sit down with something new for about 2-3 hours and I'll have down all the basic functions rather well. With additional regular practice, I can effectively remember what I did and reapply it without many issues. This software was just a pain. Right when I thought I was getting it down, it decided to not do what I needed. I was trying and trying and it just wasn't plugging in the coding the way it needed to (so I did end up doing a lot of manual analysis, just because I find it so much more effective). I honestly hope I never have to use Nvivo again. Watching a lecture, a few tutorials, and a PowerPoint were not enough to really get me able to use this software to its full capabilities. I dedicated lots of time to it and full concentration and it still jsut didn't lend itself to be a great program I would recommend to people. It is probably best for uniform text formats (headings that share the exact same wording), because if there is any variation, it throws things off and won't complete successful queries.

The same class I was using Nvivo for, I am doing a presentation in (hence why I have to use Nvivo in the first place for data collection). So this is my first time using and creating a Prezi. I have always been really partial to PowerPoint, basically since elementary school when I first learned how to use it (I was the kind of nerd child who would randomly make PowerPoints about anything I wanted to...dinosaurs, Disney movies, whatever, during computer use time when I was done with work. Sadly, USB drives were not a common tool at that point so those files have been lost for a very long time). I've had Prezis used in some class presentations during my time in Undergrad, but I've never made one, so this is a pretty interesting experience. I can't say that I hate Prezi, but I don't find it as user friendly for certain things the way PowerPoint was, like making charts easily. It kind of forces you to be innovative if you don't want to pay a premium fee (and I NEVER want to pay premium frees). I'd make Prezis again with no complaint if they were required of me or if I was tasked to give a Prezi presentation anywhere for whatever reason, maybe for a job.

Writing assignments
This is pretty much standard fare and there is no need to bore anyone with details about them.

Page Count for Week 4: 190

Running Total for the Semester: 538

Monday, September 18, 2017

My Graduate School Master's Experience #1

Howdy everyone,

The last two months have been insane. I have gone out of town twice already. The first time was for vacation and the other was for business.

For those who don't know, I was accepted to the University of North Texas (UNT), which is located in Denton, Texas. Denton is about 40-50 minutes from Dallas and from Fort Worth, which would be about 36-40 miles away from each, depending of course on the awful DFW metroplex traffic.

I am enrolled in the Master's of Library and Information Science (MLIS) and I got a scholarship through the university.

Since this program will be taking up a large amount of my time and it seems highly encouraged by the overall LIS (Library and Info. Science) online community to blog about the experience, I figured this would be a new installment of the posts I do. I did say I wanted to have a free-for-all to post about whatever I'm interested in, so this is part of what you all will be getting now.

Here is the basic sum of what classes I'm taking this semester and what my course load is like:


Anyone who knows me, knows that group work was a complete thorn in my side during my undergrad career and I've grown a particular disdain for it. However, LIS programs and the profession rely heavily on group work and teamwork, so I'm having to completely re-evaluate my perspective on the concept. I have 3 courses, which is 9 credit hours and therefore Full-Time, and in all 3, I have a group to work with. All of which have different people, so yay for meeting new people almost instantaneously. I'm not opposed to group work, and I'm hoping this will be a good experience (all indicators so far point to nothing but positives). This may be the point where group work gets turned around for me.


INFO 5000: Information & Knowledge Professions
INFO 5300: Management of Information Agencies
INFO 5600: Information Access & Knowledge Inquiry

I know that you can't really tell a whole lot about these classes by the course name, because they are rather vague overall as far as trying to guess coursework. I already ran myself in mental circles trying to figure out exactly what I'd be doing in some of these before the semester actually started. My one source of comfort was that 5000 and 5600 are core courses, so no matter what, I HAVE to take them. Therefore it isn't on me if they ended up being weird or ridiculously full of things I don't know about. 5300 was recommended by my advisor so I could only hope for the best, but the title implies that it should be largely useful.


Three classes may not seem like a lot, but when it comes to grad school, nobody is kidding around. I have at least one assignment a week per class. Thankfully for some classes I can get ahead, which I often choose to do, but usually only by one week. I enjoy staying on mark with the syllabus and course calendars so I only get my assignments done ahead so I can be sure they're correct and I don't fall behind. I end up checking over them at least 3 times before submitting them, usually on the actual due date or just slightly before it. I enjoy having things completed with enough time to let them sit before I re-evaluate my work. The main thing about my classes is that they come with intensive and extensive reading.

Just to put that into perspective, I get 3 reading lists every week, 1 for each class. These lists can range from 4 readings to about 40 PER LIST. This isn't even a joke; my first week in 5000 the reading list for the first module was 35 readings. 35 readings for one class ALONE. These readings range from being 2 pages long to 55 pages long. I haven't even gotten through EVERY reading on that list yet, because thankfully I can choose between some to read for the assignment and some to skim or just leave alone. However, since I am rather OCD about my studies and education I'm going to end up reading all of the texts on every list whenever I get the chance. So once I finish the main assignments for the week I plan to read as many additional texts I haven't read yet, as time allows.

In case that didn't tell you enough of how much reading I have, I've decided to provide the page count. In just my first 2 weeks, I read 245 pages. This comprises of articles from all 3 classes and the number of pages I read from my textbooks, but not the entire list of textbook chapters and reading lists that were suggested for those 2 weeks. It is THAT intense. With that many pages I could have finished a full book. Not a super huge one, but still, a full book. Since this does not even touch half of what I was given to read, that means I have a lot more to read just to catch up because of my own personal need to complete assigned reading lists.

If nothing else, I think it may just be interesting to see how many pages I end up reading every week for my classes throughout this entire semester.The reading is divided over textbook chapters and just scholarly articles found in the university databases, required and additional ones I read to complete assignments more thoroughly. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that means that in addition to core reading, I also have to do extra research outside of class and read even more than I already have to start with.


I just got through week 3 of class, so here is my page tally for the week!

Week 3 Page Count: 103 (ONE class); the other two had readings, but not any for pressing assignments due, so I will catch up on those this coming week once I complete my due immediately assignments.

Current Semester Total: 348 pages

Monday, July 24, 2017

Comic Spotlight: New 52 Demon Knights Series Review


As mentioned in my previous post I have been reading A LOT of comics. I've been trying to maneuver through the latest DC Universe Rebirth series and am currently making my way through the New 52 Universe that began back in 2011.

In order to work my way decently through the New 52 Universe I have been using this reading order from Comic Book Reading (New 52 Reading Order) If anyone else is interested in doing the same reading journey, you can also use this guide. This site has a very comprehensive collection of reading orders to my knowledge and has proved very helpful to me thus far.

I just finished getting through the full series of Demon Knights and thought I would put up my thoughts on it, because I have quite a few.

Demon Knights is collected in 3 volumes and is listed as being towards the beginning of the New 52 reading order. The 0 issue seems to claim that this whole thing will eventually be relevant and yet, I'm still waiting to see how.

Volume 1 collects issues #1-7

Volume 2 collects issues #0, #8-12

Volume 3 collects issues #13-23

Issues #0-15 were written by Paul Cornell, with Robert Venditti taking over issues #16-23. The series had a few different illustrators throughout its run (starting with Diogenes Neves, Oclair Albert, Michael Choi, and Robson Rocha, eventually switching to Bernard Chang and Phil Winslade towards the end).

The series was ultimately cancelled and it isn't necessarily hard for me to see why.

Demon Knights is a fantasy comic set in medieval times. It involves big historical literary names and places like Merlin, King Arthur, Avalon, Camelot, Lucifer, and Hell. It takes 7 individuals, including a sorceress, a demon cursed to be magically chained to a human, a few immortals, and another human, and tosses them into a group that ends up being called the Demon Knights. They first come together in order to fight and protect a village from an army and then their adventures broaden to include finding Avalon, searching for the Holy Grail, and towards the end of the series, taking on a vampire army on its way to Themyscira. home of the Amazons.

While it had a decent start, it never felt like anything particularly special to me. It was very basic entertainment and to me it lacked a wide scope of creativity once it hit a certain point in the series. At times I felt really engaged and then in the next few issues I would get kind of bored. The first major plot-line ends at issue #15, and I honestly think the next issues should have just wrapped things up for the series. Issues #16 to #23 had writers gathering the same characters again, to fight a vampire army led by Cain. The overall story also involves one of the characters being on a pretty typical search for the Holy Grail. Given all the religious elements pulled together in this series, that shouldn't be that surprising. Bringing together a demon who has ambitions of becoming higher ranked in Hell who is always at odds with the devil Lucifer, a search for the Holy Grail, and adventures involving searching for King Arthur and restoring Camelot should have been highly interesting, but to me just fell flat after a while despite having a strong start. After a while I was just wondering when they would do it or if they could actually have a worthwhile enemy pop up again to hinder them. I don't really see how this will end up connecting to anything in the overall New 52 universe at this point and maybe there will be some kind of connection in other issues in the universe in the future as I continue reading through it. However, due to the overall execution and cancellation I'm not getting my hopes up too high to have that happen. The beginning half of the series is rather interesting, but the shift at issue #16 and jump in time just killed it for me. It was not nearly as interesting and the stakes didn't feel as high as they did before. Etrigan didn't seem to be of much interest to me in the #0 issue to begin with, but he quickly proved himself to be a highly valuable asset to the team despite being kind of a wild-card/self-serving personality type.He gets the job done when necessary so long as it benefits him, which is to be expected of a demon. I don't know a lot about the history of these characters if any of them had origins before this, but I'm not sure all of them were used to their highest potential. Etrigan wasn't an awful character, just highly predictable, but largely effective. One of the most intriguing elements is the curse placed on Jason Blood and Etrigan and how they have to balance their existences with one another. That was the strongest point of the second half, but still kind of fell flat at the end of the series and it didn't end as strongly as I would've liked.

Some of my biggest problems with this series was just the lack of real hardship that was reached at a certain point. Any enemy the Demon Knights came upon after the first major army were almost instantly defeated within 2 or 3 issues with hardly any suspense, or they were able to get away like nothing happened once their armies were destroyed. I didn't care much for many of the characters which made it hard to want them to succeed beyond wanting evil to be destroyed.

Also, I found the two extremely obvious references to Lord of the Rings pretty darn cheap and not well used. That may seem nit picky of me, but when you do a fantasy story and want to pay homage or toss back to some of the best fantasy that has been written to this day, the way it was done just didn't feel adequate. "One does not simply walk into Hell." Really? Nobody would have known that Hell was hard to get into or out of had you not provided us with that tidbit. "No one shall pass!" Spoken twice. If you're fighting enemies, you aren't SUPPOSED to let them pass. Its an unspoken rule of defending a place while in combat because its the CORE of your mission to protect: let no enemies pass. Unless you are the sole keeper of a gate and you are supposed to say that as you make a lone stand to seem really cool, don't bother saying that in the middle of combat. Just yell with your effort as you smack down enemies. Actions speak louder than words, folks. It was done with epic awesomeness in Lord of the Rings, but felt cheap in the sequences they were used in for Demon Knights.  Even if those lines were all unintentionally written to not be references, it is hard to believe they aren't due to their popularity among fantasy fans. It had to trigger in one of the writer's minds as they wrote it down or when the editor read through it.

Overall, the Demon Knights series had some promising elements and a strong start, but ultimately fizzled into nothing more than a barely-meets-my-bar of entertainment, and "is it almost over yet?" kind of title for me. If I had to recommend any of it, I'd say start with issue #0 and read the first two volumes and issues #13-#15. None of the rest feels necessary to me so far. If it ends up being so, I'll add an update to this post, but as far as enjoyment goes, that is the only part that felt like anything worthwhile in my opinion. I give issues #0-#15 a solid 3 out of 5 stars, but issues #16-#23 fall to a 2 star rating. It can be a decent entertaining time, but only to a certain point and I'm really glad it ended when it did although I think it should've ended sooner since the second major plot didn't really go anywhere that I felt helped the series in the long run. With a different story or better execution for the second half, I feel this title could have done REALLY well, but it was run into the ground. The artwork in the first half is also really solid, but some of the facial expressions illustrated in the second half just looked awkward in some ways and could have been better finessed. The second half lost a lot of the richness that made the first part good sometimes and largely bearable at others.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comic Spotlight: Voracious #1

Hey y'all!

Happy belated Independence Day!!!

For the past several months I have been reading comics, NON-STOP.
Later on I might put up a post showing the titles that I'm currently reading in case anyone is looking for something interesting to look out for or try. I love sharing comics and seeing what others are reading.  Today though, I want to just focus on this crazy comic that I picked up in May, but just now read.

As usual, my family, boyfriend, and I went to one of our local comic shops for Free Comic Book Day this year (shout out to the awesome guys at Asylum who do a FANTASTIC job with their events EVERY year. It is definitely the BEST comic shop in town and my #1 comic stop for any major comic event).

Label reads: "WARNING: This issue contains some strong language and a dinosaur on fire! You're welcome."

Voracious #1
Published by Action Lab under their Danger Zone division of comics
Comic Team: Written by Markisan Naso, Color Art by Andrei Tabacaru, Art/Lettering/Design by Jason Muhr
Rated: T+ for Mature Readers
Published December 2015

Please heed the labels, even if you know young people who like dinosaurs, this is only appropriate for readers aged 15+ due to the language and the obvious fact that this guy is gonna be cooking up some dinosaurs, and potentially chopping up some things given that cleaver he is wielding on the cover. 

Anyone who knows me knows why I picked this comic up. Josh (my boyfriend) and I are massive dinosaur nuts, so this was a must-have. I'm not thrilled at the idea of chopping up dinosaurs to bits to make food, but the idea in of itself is so unique that it makes for a really interesting concept. The dinosaurs on the cover are gorgeous art wise. How can you not want to read this comic after seeing that cover? It is SO enticing and different from a lot of the standard comics that I see or casually read. I had to have this so I could find out HOW this chef fit in with these dinosaurs. I wondered if he was going to be cooking them or if he somehow was being forced to cook for them. I just had to know how this chef and the dinosaurs fit together, considering the millions of years that set the two apart from one another biologically/evolutionary wise. 

If he was cooking them, how did he get access to their meat? Is it an alternate world where dinosaurs exist? If so, would this count as murder to some degree? Are dinosaurs farm bred for consumption like cows and chickens? Or is this guy being forced to cook for dinosaur overlords and now wanting to escape and plans to do so by killing them off one by one? At this point, I know what the story is, but before I read it speculating what was inside the pages was half the fun. 

Here is the summary from Action Labs' site: 

Haunted by the death of his sister, NYC Chef Nate Willner has lost his desire to cook. Forced to move back to his tiny hometown in Utah, Nate's life is quickly becoming a dead end. But when he unexpectedly inherits a time travel suit that takes him to the age of dinosaurs, Nate's passion for cooking is reignited!

With a little help from his knife-wielding Grandmother Maribel, and friends Starlee and Captain Jim, Nate opens a restaurant that secretly serves dinosaur meat. Can he survive long enough to make it a success and turn his life around?

The main premise is that this guy loves to cook and his life has taken a turn for the worst leaving him not wanting to do what he loves. His life changes thanks to the presence of a long absent uncle, an inheritance, and some science fiction treats that have really made me wonder what direction this series is going to be heading in. I am going to need to seek out the next several issues, maybe even eventually pick up the collected volumes so that I can see where it goes. I'm super engrossed already and the dinosaur artwork is just too wonderful to pass up as a lover of dinosaurs and comics. 

This comic for me definitely rates a 4 out of 5, because it peaked my interest immediately, the artwork is good quality, my attention was held from cover to cover, and there is a lot of room for it to grow story wise. 

All you dinosaur and comic lovers out there need to give this one a shot. It isn't overly gruesome or horrific where the art is concerned. Definitely not the most grotesque comic I have read. There is more language than gross imagery or visuals. I'm really looking forward to reading more of this series and I hope more people pick it up and give it a shot! This first issue is a solid start and worth checking out. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Personal Thoughts on Moving Forward

I started this blog around 6 years ago. It was created to be a fun, modern way for me to present my senior project on adaptations of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. 

Since then, I've hit my 20s, graduated high school, graduated college with a Bachelor's in English & American Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. I've started and ended relationships. I've traveled around Texas and to California for the first time, learned how to handle amusement park visiting at paces that are perfect for my family. I've learned how to write professional research papers with citations, how to interpret literature, and the beginnings of how to act. I've developed my writing, successfully writing a handful of short stories, most of which fall under the realm of fantasy and science fiction. I've made friends and lost touch with people along the way. I'm about to begin graduate school in the fall. 

My overall point is that I have grown a lot and I want this blog to be a reflection of my growth as a person. My goal with this blog was to communicate in a way that was fun and that reflected my personal way of interpreted and enjoying literature. The goal has never been to have a consistent posting schedule or to be the best blogger on the internet. I just wanted to toss my voice out into cyberspace and see if any other voices echoed back. This is why the name has always been The Real World According to Sam. 

This blog was never meant to be the number one book blog in the state or the country. My goal has never been to get free books from authors or publishers, or to be picked up by any publications for reviewing. The goal has always just been to write and express the thoughts that swirl around up in my mind when I read books/plays/comics or watch movies. 

I am going to be continuing with this blog, but I just wanted everyone to know what this blog is really about. I want to go back to the core that began it and not be concerned with deadlines, views, or fitting into a niche. Many websites about starting a blog always advise finding a niche, finding the one thing you know and writing about it. They say to post consistently, keep a schedule so readers know when to expect things. While I've attempted this method in the past, I've found that it is almost too stifling for me. I like to branch out and experiment. I don't read the newest best sellers, I like to find hidden gems. I love having discussions with people. 

In past years, the posts have been very colloquial and this was purposeful. I have spent a lot of time writing serious, formal papers over the last 4 years. I wanted this to be a place where I could just "talk" and not worry too much about sounding like a serious person. I like to have fun, although I do know when to be serious. Scrolling through posts from the past years I have seen typos, grammatical errors such as run-on sentences, and I have noticed formatting errors that vary between web and mobile. The first few years were a major learning experience and have provided me with a window into my younger self as a writer, to see where I have come in the past few years. I considered going back through each post to update content and fix errors, however, I've come to the realization that changing those things would begin to make this space feel like WORK and would stifle the voice I presented in the older posts. I have spent a lot of time writing and as a result, my voice has developed and my grammar has moved to a higher level. I once worried that having grammar errors in those old posts might lead some people to believe I had a low level of professionalism or that I didn't closely edit my posts before publishing. 

None of that is true. I am highly professional. I edited every post, but as with any other student with a hectic reading and assignment schedule, I couldn't nitpick every sentence to make it just right the way that I would have liked to. Sometimes, when you focus too much on doing things perfectly, you lose sight of what originally made it fun and freeing. It feels more like work than play; this blog has ALWAYS been a place that I wanted to be my own personal playground, so to speak. 

I will still be posting, and since this is my little world in the corner of cyberspace, I'm going to play around with it. Don't expect to always find a book review or a consistent posting schedule. I might put up a list of comics I've read and suggest for others to try out. I might post up a short story I wrote during my undergraduate years to start moving forward in a way that I really want to with my writing. I might just scribble thoughts down on something totally random that I stumble across. I'm not here writing this blog to entertain people, or to provide a certain service. I just want to write. Posts published pre-2017 DO have errors, so please be aware of this. Any reviews I post in the future will be more finely edited since my eye for catching errors has gotten significantly better. 

I still welcome comments and recommendations for things anyone would like to see! I've always enjoyed the feedback that I've been left. It brightens my day to know that people like what I'm writing. Posts pre-2017 are going to be left as is in order to serve as a time capsule for myself to mark my progression as a writer. In middle school I scribbled down random ideas for fanfiction (Pirates of the Caribbean and The Simpsons) that were never completed on paper. In high school I used to write a poem a day just to pass the time when I was done with work...typically in French class, although my poems were never in French. In college I wrote book reviews on the side, while writing short stories and other random creative pieces for assignments. I've kept all my writing and this is no different for me. Pre-2017 posts are just another collection of writings I did at one point in my life that I can reflect back on. 

Thank you for making it all the way through this post and taking the time to get a little peek into what I meant for this to be, as well as what I WANT it to be going forward.