Master's Experience #4: Week 6

Last week was pretty slow overall as far as school things went.

I was finishing up work on my midterm and gave a presentation on Thursday.
Those are really big deals, but I already discussed my midterm during Week 5 and this presentation I've been working on for a pretty long time. I'm really glad its done with and that midterm is done.
The presentation went really well, we stayed within our allotted 10 minutes for the most part, give take 30 seconds. With this presentation over, I only have one more left this semester. Otherwise, everything else is written assignments like weekly discussions and essays/essay preparation.

Last week I did a few hours of volunteering at the library I mentioned previously. There I'm mainly working on preparations for this month's Halloween program for kids. I'm helping out with some pre-setup decoration wise. Every day I go in I get new assignments, so I'm excited to see what I'll be doing this week.

During Week 6 I ended up doing a little less reading since I got a jump on my midterm reading the week before. I don't like waiting until the last minute to do things so I do my best to stay ahead, even if it is just by a day or two. That's my aim for this week, to be done with assignments 2-3 days ahead of time. I'm currently researching in an attempt to pick a topic for my final paper in order to complete the outline I need to turn in.

MUSIC: Last week I was mainly listening to Boys Like Girls while digging through resources and writing my midterm. They've been one of my favorite bands since I was in middle school, so I tend to cycle around back to them every so often. Their first album was the best, the second one was pretty good, and the third one was really enjoyable. If I had to rate them it'd be the first one, then the third, and the second last. Just based on my personal preference regarding the melodies.

PLANS FOR THIS WEEK: This week I'll be working on a discussion post about ethical concerns in libraries and an outline for my final paper. This final paper is for management (which is ridiculous since we only JUST turned in our midterm paper on Friday, and already have to begin working immediately on preparations for the final. A week break in between would have been fantastic, but that isn't how things work I guess.

During all that I'm going to try to check out a few new albums I haven't had a chance to listen to yet like the one Nickelback released in June of this year, as well as Paramore, Josh Turner, Linkin Park, and R5's latest ones. I'm pretty behind on music right now, as I've been listening more to what I already like and ignoring the radio (I don't like much of what is played on it) so I might dip in to sample some of the current hits just to see what's going on. Still waiting on an official release date for Avril Lavigne's new album that is supposed to come out before the end of this year. I'm always psyched to see what she's been working on since I've been a fan from my elementary school days (enough to have already been lucky enough to see her in concert, with Boys Like Girls as her opener [DOUBLE WIN!]). Just recently picked up Garth Brooks' newest album (from last year) from the library, so I'm also checking that out. Already heard one of the songs from it at his concert I went to a few months back (by total random chance) and really liked it, so I'm excited to see what else was on that album (Gunslinger).

I am already working on registration for next semester, in which I'll be finishing up the last core course I need. After that I'll just be working on specialized requirement sections and choosing electives. I'm also in the middle of getting a volunteer project setup. For that I just need to complete some paperwork.

The end of this week is the home opener for my alma mater's club hockey team, so that will be pretty awesome to finally get back to. My jersey is ready to get back in action and out of the closet. I'm pretty much going to try and just work as hard and fast as I can so I can have a good time when the end of the week finally comes rolling around.


Week 6: 71

Running Total for the semester: 973