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Hi there! Are you an author interested in sending me your book for review? Are you a reader wanting to know what I read or want to send me suggestions? Read on!!!

As of now I will no longer be accepting or responding to review requests (unless I have a current working relationship already established with the author). All reviews I have said I will do, will be done as soon as I can get to them. All others will be postponed immediately. If you e-mail me, I will most likely not respond since I have a lot of other things to handle at the moment. The only books I might potentially accept will be those that have physical review copies available. I have too many e-books I have yet to review that I need to catch up to, as well as many other books I own that I have been unable to read due to review requests. My to-be-read list is enormous and needs to be tackled and lessened. Review request e-mails will now be put into a folder and set aside for a while. Thank you for reading this and understanding. Please don't consider me as rude, I just need a break from the endless reading load I've managed to acquire from so many readers. I appreciate the value placed on my opinion by all you wonderful authors, I just need to get a grip on it all. Thanks again!!!

I will especially review books of these genres:
  • YA*
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Romance*
  • Non-Fiction*
  • Adventure
  • Thrillers (Technothrillers especially)
  • Children's Chapter books
I will NOT review books involving the following:
  • Erotica
  • Anything involving sicknesses/medical issues such as arthritis, cancer, leukemia, or any other illness/medical conditions [THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE APOCALYPTIC VIRUSES! (I greatly enjoy those kinds of books on occasion)]. 
If you have a book that doesn't fit the top genres, but also is not categorized as what I will NOT review, then feel free to contact me and see if I'm interested. Some things, such as horror or mystery, I have not read a lot of and if I am intrigued by your pitch, I will probably review it. However, I have not read many books of these genres and so do not feel comfortable tossing myself out as the best candidate for reviewing them.

When contacting me with requests for a review I prefer receiving this format:

------Paragraph of introduction telling me who you are and what you want me to do (i.e., read and review book, read and critique a book to give suggestions and feedback, read and post reviews on my blog as well as other places of your choosing, etc.)

-------Title of Book
-------Number of Pages

-------Summary/Synopsis of book

-------Thank you and closing remarks (its just polite to open and close requests professionally)

As of summer 2014, I will no longer be accepting e-books. I have a lot that I need to read. I will continue to accept physical copies of books for review however, as this is my current reading preference.

The quickest way to contact me is through my blog's facebook page (linked above) or through my e-mail address: sammiekparkland@sbcglobal.net

*: YA books I prefer include: paranormal, romance, adventure, fantasy, dystopian
*: Romance books are fun, but I'm not a big fan of super steamy scenes. If your book is full of steamy scenes, unless the plot is incredible, chances are I will not review it unless you have a great way of bribing me. I like wholesome romances with great plots---please look at my previous review posts for samples of what I enjoy
*: Non-Fiction: This is a very vague category. It really depends on if I'm interested in the subject being covered or discussed. I love books about animals, places, geology, biology, authors/literature, paleontology/archaeology, and others. I don't really like reading about money or marital or health issues. Please don't send me those. Contact me with your pitch if the topic of your book fits my preferences or if it doesn't qualify as something I will definitely not be interested in reading. Again, this genre is very open so take a chance if you're not sure.

Do you like my reviews and would like to suggest a book for me to review in the future? Is there something I'm doing that you really enjoy or hate and wanna let me know? Would you just like to chat about books? If so, then feel free to comment on any post or message me through my blog's Facebook page. I'm always accepting new acquaintances and suggestions for future material!


  1. Hi, Sam. Thanks so much for your review. I entirely agree with your review.

    It is my fault. This novel handles fairly gritty subject matter for adult audiences. It looks at the awful effects of cheating and I should NOT have offered this to anyone below the age of 19. I forgot to check the age. Having made the mistake I should assure you, this is only fiction; the world and its people are much nicer and loyal.

    1. It's quite okay!! It was an enjoyable read. I'm 19 years old and I know that while there are people who will cheat and do evil things, there are also kind hearted and loyal people. It wasn't a mistake at all, I just wanted to make sure to include a couple disclaimers just in case I have younger readers (such as my sister who is 10). I really did enjoy it. I just don't like infidelity overall, but it was necessary to make the book work. It was portrayed in a true light, and not as some sort of idealized activity. Thanks for offering it to me!!!


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