Master's Experience #5: Week 7

Last week I was really focused on doing research to complete an outline for one of my final papers. Additionally, I did a discussion post regarding ethics and digital resources/services. 

Monday I had a case study chat with my professor and classmates, then Tuesday I worked on some more Halloween program prep at the library I volunteer at. Once my assignments were completed Wednesday, I spent the rest of the week doing some fun activities (hockey watching, going out with boyfriend). 

I spent the beginning of the week doing a LOT of research and digging through resources about leadership in order to put together a topic for my outline. One night I was up until at least 4am trying to finish digging through some articles and keyword categorizing them to be sure I had appropriate sources for what I am thinking about discussing in my paper. I went through at least two full academic journal publications; every issue from 1998-2017, which was highly time consuming. I also dug through at least 7 other academic journals that only sporadically covered my topic. 

I'm now entering week 8 of class. I have several assignments to complete within the next two weeks, but thankfully I've already spent some time putting together an outline of when to complete things for the week so I stay on top of everything. 


Week 7: 103

Running Total for the semester: 1076