Reviewing Rubric

My reviewing rubric was one of the first posts I ever wrote. That being said, I often want to refer to it and its just a pain to click on so many things. Also, it might make it easier for y'all to see how I run things in my world. SO, to fix all these little dilemmas, I have referenced my wonderful rubric here. The numbers refer to how many Lone Stars I give a book. 


0               Lone Stars

Put simply, this book has no redeeming qualities. It stinks all the way around. The  only possible good quality about these books are the ends and the covers. Characters aren't developed and don't make any sense. Plot is confusing and is never really tied up. These books feel as if they were just pasted together with no consideration as to the order in which they should go. These are the ones that I would love to use to keep me warm in winter by tossing them into the fireplace while reading a 5-star book. Sloppy, gross and completely unacceptable. {A book you have to force yourself to finish because it is just THAT bad}

1               Lone Star 

Book has no flow. Book has undeveloped characters. Book's plot wasn't developed or explained properly. Book was labeled improperly. Book did not meet standard. The book had potential, but ultimately let me down. A book I will NEVER EVER pick up again. 

2               Lone Stars 

Book has some flow. Book has some well developed characters, but leaves others undeveloped. Book's plot started out right but fell short of the mark. Book almost met standard. It was going good and then pulled the rug out from under my feet and let me face-plant the floor. Probably wouldn't pick this one up again unless I had to. 

3                Lone Stars 

Book has flow. Main/Most characters are developed, and they are average characters. Book's plot was developed and touched the mark. Book meets standard. The characters had nothing really special about them. I cared, but not a whole lot. I was interested, but not engrossed. This book I could finish. I might pick it up again, but then again I might not. 

4                Lone Stars 

Book has good flow. Main/Most characters are well developed and have something relatable about them. Book's plot was developed and hit the mark. Book passes standard. I enjoyed it and chances are I will pick it up again. I was able to get completely through and had a slight vigor to my reading. 

5                 Lone Stars: 

RARE occasion:  Book has GREAT flow. ALL characters are developed. The characters are relatable and they are easy to love or hate [realistic].  Book's plot is developed, makes sense, but STILL has unexpected twists & turns. Book slaps the mark. Book surpasses standard by a mile. [Also has an element of "Je ne sais quoi" that is felt while reading, not an explainable quality as it is different for everyone] I will most definitely pick the book up again...multiple times. These are the ones I will curl up with while the 0s burn. [Quick Side-Note: I do not endorse the burning of books, its just an extended metaphor] 😀


  1. It is great to see that there is a method to your "madness." LOL.

    BTW, I wanna always be rated a "5" as you will always be a "5" to me!! :O)

    BTW, my name is not anonymous!

    Before I publish it wants me to prove I'm not a robot....LOL Not being able to make out a lot of those silly captchas does not make me a robot!!!

    1. Of course it doesn't make you a robot! haha Yes, as you would say, there IS a method to my madness ^_^


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