What's Up With Sam? Another New Year, More New Updates


It's been a while. Eleven months to be exact, since I last published a post. 

I have been writing a lot, just not here. I've also had a couple of reviews go up - also not here. 

But I still want to write here and have this space as my own lovely corner of the internet. I'm brainstorming some new ideas, working on writing up some new reviews, and thinking of other content I could do.

This is no longer the sole place that my voice exists on the internet. I'm on social media more and I actually have a byline now with regular content. While I wrote no reviews or posts here for much of last year, at this point in time exactly I have published 787 articles on Screen Rant. That's honestly pretty crazy to think about. 

I haven't been reading a lot of novels. I've mainly read graphic novels, comics, and manga. However, I have read a couple "full-length" books, which I do plan to discuss. I may not read through as many as quickly, but that doesn't mean I've stopped reading altogether. It also doesn't mean I won't have content to hopefully see in the near future. 

It DOES mean that I have to reallot my content and past content attempts with different time management. For example, my month long horror reviews in October just aren't feasible with the time I have, the way they were the first year I did them. However, I really enjoyed reading and discussing tons of horror books ahead of Halloween. Maybe this year I do one a week, or maybe I focus on some horror comics - instead of novels. I loved doing Reading Round-Ups, but I read so many single issue comics that it was hard to keep up on a monthly basis! I finished 2021 having read 1,102 books. I spent a lot of the year catching up on past comic events while also keeping up with new releases. The problem is that I get new comics AHEAD of release day and remembering which ones I read to add once they go to the main market can be a little difficult (I keep a written list so nothing gets forgotten) and sometimes Goodreads doesn't even have issues from older series in their system (looking at you Superman/Batman #50 and #51 from 2003!) 

I've found new characters I'm really into. I've found particular character groups I enjoy a ton. I've also had the opportunity to read and write about lots of things I normally wouldn't catch or hear about. So as a reader, I've had a lot of learning and exploring that I've been doing.

Anyway, just know that I'm reformulating my approach and plan to once more be active here. I apologize for being away so long. Having a job - especially my first job - made for some interesting new challenges. It has allowed me to develop my writing in a different way, using an alternate structure for a different audience. I've also gained more perspectives and resources that I didn't have before, which is always a plus! Look forward to new posts and new content coming soon! If anyone has any ideas, feel free to contact me at samanthaking1691@gmail.com / via my Facebook page (The Real World According To Sam) / or on Twitter at @SamanthaKing991  

I'm still working on getting my social media for this blog more streamlined so look forward to that potentially improving over time. I'm trying to think of how to get all my work centralized in a better format - to make all my stuff link together and easy for my friends, family, and fellow readers to navigate.

Welcome to The Real World According To Sam 2.0. Thanks for sticking around - or for joining me if you're new around here!