What's Up With Sam? New Year, New Updates

Hey everyone!

So as you all know I've been very active on here lately. I plan to still keep being active, because I love what I'm doing here. It's a great outlet for me. However, just in case things spiral out of control like they sometimes do, I want you to be aware of what I've got going on over here on my end. 

I've been planning a lot more posts. I have several lined up already and I'm working to get more set up. I have more Cinematic Word posts coming, Force Fridays, and all kinds of things. You might be wondering then, why I would write this post anyway, because I already talked about all of that during the yearly summary a couple weeks ago.

I just got my first official paid position! It is also my first paid writing position. I have been hired by the website Screen Rant to write news articles about comics. My official title is Freelance Comic News Writer/Contributor. I have several articles a week that I am required to write to add up to a minimum requirement each month. 

In summary, I'm still writing. I'm still talking about stories and characters, just on an additional outlet, and I actually get paid for it now. What does that mean? Well, I'll have consistent content going up on the internet under my name, but it won't be all reviews all the time anymore. I'm still doing this blog and I'm still reading. If anything, I'm really just adding more reading onto my plate. 

If any weeks in the future aren't to the level I've been putting out as far as the number of posts, or if I'm a little late on some posts, it is most likely because I'm working on my other writing deadlines. I will share links to the things I write as I can. Once I finish my introductory period and get into a full groove I can decide the best times to post up links to my articles. This is still my central hub of operations. 

I just wanted to take this time to fill you in on that, in case things get a little off track. I'm going to work hard to try to make it so they don't, but....comics are calling me! 

I'm in my first week on the job right now. The first few weeks will probably be the toughest while I try to find a groove to settle into. The writing style is different than what I've been writing the past few years (less personal, naturally) and the site asks for particular formatting, so I have a learning curve to adjust to. Once I find my rhythm things should be pretty good. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me on my writing journey so far! Can't wait to see where my pens and keyboard take me! 

With much gratitude,