Master's Experience #14: A New Semester!

Hello everyone!

A whole summer has passed and it is time to gear up for another semester of grad school.

I just finished my first week of classes (and survived to tell the tale!)

The classes I'm taking this year are:

  • INFO 5210 Resource Description and Access I 
  • INFO 5717 Dynamic WWW Structures (WWW being World Wide Web)
  • INFO 5814 Website Development

In addition to my standard full time 9 hour class slate, I'm also doing my practicum this semester, which is basically when you get unpaid work experience that is approved by the department at the university and a supervisor of your choosing at an information organization. I've chosen to work in the archives of a public library, since I have no experience in that area and am trying to acquire as many skill sets as possible before finishing the program (next Spring!) 

This past week I took a quiz, wrote several discussion posts, and got in some coding practice, because programming is a required skill in 2 of my classes this semester. One is introductory to HTML and CSS (5814) and the other (5717) will be teaching PHP and MySQL. I have a base working knowledge in HTML thanks to this blog being what it is, but being able to do more with it would definitely be nice since I've often been frustrated by the limitations of customization I'm able to do currently with Blogger and my knowledge of HTML at the moment. INFO 5210 is a cataloging course. So this semester I'll be getting in lots of technical knowledge. 

As usual, the reading load definitely piled up from Week 1, so here is my starting page tally for the semester: 


Week 1: 201pg

I'm actually pretty hyped for this semester, so here's hoping it stays on a positive slope!