Master's Experience #12: Week 10

Hello everyone!

Good to have you all here again. It is time for another update on what I'm doing in grad school and as I prepare for a career in library and information science.

This past week I worked on indexing special items, which requires more considerations than indexing academic articles or books for back-of-the-book indexes. I indexed a listing for Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, a newspaper article from the Washington Post, and a piece of sheet music.

Additionally, I had to review a digital library for my Digital Library class. I chose the Denver Digital Library that is associated with the Denver Public Library and they were very helpful when it came to questions I had, so a mini shout-out here to them for being so fast to respond to my inquiries. I also did quite a bit of research to see if there was related literature regarding the Denver Digital Library's collection/digitization efforts. Did a lot of work on that project.

Most of the things I had to do were also just document oriented things for next semester. I have received a scholarship for next semester, so I had to fill out forms to send in and I also had to submit forms to register for classes in the fall.

Weekly Page Tally:

Week 10: 281 pages

While this week's reading was less than last week, it was still more than the average amount for my semester thus far.

Running Total for the Semester: 2,115 pages


This past week it was announced that the El Paso Public Library was one of the libraries in Texas to receive the 2017 Achievement of Excellence in Libraries Award. This was awarded by the Texas Municipal Library Directors Association (TMLDA) and EPPL was 1 of 52 libraries in the state to receive it out of a total of 548 public library systems. I am so proud to be a volunteer of the El Paso Public Library system and hope they continue to make the city proud and be one of the best in Texas.

The article where I found the announcement of this achievement was posted by the El Paso Herald Post and can be accessed using the link provided in the Reference annotation below.

This concludes another MLIS update, there will be another next week, as usual!


Staff Report (2018, March 27). El Paso Public Library receives state library excellence reward. El Paso Herald Post. Retrieved from