Updates & Master's Experience #9: Weeks 5-7

Hello everyone!

I'm back again with more general updates. I tend to post these quite a bit, because as time passes I'm always looking to improve things. I have said before that I am not revising any of my posts from past years in terms of writing style. However, that does not mean that I am not checking to be sure that links to images and videos still work

Thanks to my current work in my Master's program, I have learned a lot about search engines and about metadata, such as how it is embedded into websites. Due to this, I have finally learned a skill I should have known as a blogger a long time ago. I have finally learned how to embed things into my posts using the HTML code. So I'll be double checking my old movie posts for broken trailer links, that way they stay up to date. I'm using a new source for linking those (IMDB) because it is a site that I use rather frequently to check movie ratings (I watch more rated R movies than I used to so I check content warnings for things like gore in science fiction movies --> Aliens I'm looking at you!!!). I like the quality of their trailers and images, so this is where I will be sourcing from. As such, the videos will look different. They will present movie info and I have currently formatted the embedded sections to fit within the post size, which means if you click play on the trailer, it will appear small. Please just make them full screen should you be interested in them. I'm going to try to play with the frame size using the HTML coding to find a nice happy medium if possible, so until then, please just full screen them.

I haven't posted since February, but that is because things have gotten hectic yet again! Somehow life finds a way to intercept me and drag me along for a while before letting me catch a breather. Between school, reading, volunteering, and family engagements, its a wonder I remember to breathe sometimes.

Here are the latest updates for my MLIS studies: 

Week 5: I was working on a group paper which has now been graded (95/100), on the topic of the Future of Indexing for my Indexing and Abstracting course. Additionally, I had a paper due for my Information Organization course, which I got 100/100 on. I got pushed back on work due to the Colorado trip, but managed to get back on track pretty solidly. [185 pages]

Week 6: I was working on another index this week, as well as writing an abstract, for the group papers in my Indexing and Abstracting course. [121 pages]

Week 7: The big focus for last week was my semester long project for Information Organization. Its an IOP (Information Organization Project). Adequately named, but not very indicative of what is actually being done for it. Let's just say I had to write about 13 pages on a database that I am creating in theory and in an alternate form online. Also learned a lot about metadata and metadata standards. [139 pages]

I am currently in the middle of Week 8 so I have not completed this week's assignments or finished the readings. I wait to update at the end of the week since I can be sure everything has been taken care of.

My running total for the semester, based from Week 1-7, is now up to: 1282 pages

Beyond meeting school deadlines I am also working to meet Library Due Dates for books I have checked out! So lots of reading and studying happening. I've also had the awesome pleasure of getting to see Thor Ragnarok and Coco at a local movie theater (both of which I had been very excited for, for MONTHS). I'm super happy that Coco won two awards from the Academy, despite my not caring very much for award shows in general. I'm always happy when movies I enjoy get accolades, especially when they are so touching and emotion-inducing.