Master's Experience #11: Week 9

Time for another Master's update!

The past week I was working on assignments for my Indexing and Abstracting course. I had to create a back of the book index for the first three chapters of a non-fiction book of my choosing, that was at least 200 pages. Naturally, being the Disney fan I am, I chose my copy of The Art of Pocahontas. Additionally, for my Digital Libraries course this week we were studying the use of social media by digital libraries, other uses of Web 2.0, and the digital services offered by libraries versus the services offered by digital libraries.

I'm still working on my group digital collection and on the third draft of my IOP (Information Organization Project).

Here are my tallies for the week

Week 9 Pages Read: 413

Running total for the semester: 1834 pages

This week I had a huge jump in my reading amount. I read almost 4 times as many pages as a usual week. Longer articles and that book index really added to my standard count.

Thanks for reading, another update will be coming probably next week, if everything keeps on schedule!