Master's Experience #10: Week 8

Time for Graduate School updates!

Last week was Week 8 in the current semester. It started off with a midterm exam for Indexing and Abstracting and ended with a discussion post regarding software for digital libraries. We read about open-source software and for this week's discussion I had to choose and learn about a specific digital library software. I chose CollectionSpace, which is a site predominantly designed for museums that allows quite a bit of customization depending on an organization's specialty (ex: anthropology, botanical gardens, art). I had to discuss features of the software and some of the technical components involved.

 I'm also working on a group project which involves putting together a collection of items in a digital library using Omeka, a collection website. My group came up with College Football as our digital library topic, so I'm actually really excited to see how this project turns out!

Reading stats for the week: 

Week 8: 139 pages

Running Semester Total: 1,421 pages

I'm currently on Spring Break so Week 9 updates will be up in around two weeks if I am able to maintain this schedule. I know this was a short update, but midterm work tends to be weighty for the grade, but brief in terms of discussion potential.

Thanks for reading!!!