Master's Experience #7: Spring Week 2

Howdy y'all!

I just got through my second week of classes. It wasn't too bad apart from the last couple days, because this next week is going to be intense. I can explain more later, but I am on major time crunches and have a lot of personal responsibilities to take care of which I will not openly discuss online. Long story short: I have to get a lot done in a tight amount of time. To quote Captain Underpants: But before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this story.....

This is the recap for my second week:

I had to read 8 articles. I read 4 articles (and 3 textbook chapters) for Indexing and Abstracting and 4 for Digital Libraries. This week we discussed some of the linguistic difficulties and other challenges that come with indexing. I also have to finish creating an Index for an assigned article, due on Monday (tomorrow when you read this). Last Monday I turned in my first assignment, which was also an index (created using the software tutorial) and a comparison of different indexing software. Also discussion posts. I have at least 2 of those due almost every week. One is just comments on readings to facilitate discussion while the other requires that a question be chosen out of three options and answered. For Digital Libraries (DL) I learned about digital libraries (who would've ever guessed?). Basically lots of technological history involving Memex (Vannevar Bush), the creation of the Internet (thanks military/DARPANET!), and other innovations within the field (American Memory Project/Web 2.0).

Not sure yet what I will be learning about this next week, but here's hoping it is very interesting (or concisely written if its not!)


Spring Week #2: 247

Running Total for the Semester: 371