Comic Crazy: A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume One

If you've been reading this blog for a while you may have noticed the review I did for the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. If not, here's the link to it: Game of Thrones Novel Review

No, I am not caught up on the show. I'm doing this whole thing where I read one of the books then watch the corresponding season. Sadly, I'm still not even caught up on Season 1. Patience, please, I will get through it and most likely will be reading book 2 eventually....because as we all know......winter is coming.

However, I would not have started off this way if I was not bringing you something related to Game of Thrones:

A Game Of Thrones: The Graphic Novel Volume One

Written by: George R. R. Martin
Adapted by: Daniel Abraham
Art by: Tommy Patterson
Genre: Graphic Novel/ Fantasy
Year of Publication: 2012

Anyone who knows me knows that I can get pretty caught up in graphic novels. I also read through them rather quickly. I may not be well read in the best ones: the ones possessing all the awards or the most recognized (though I have delved into my fair share of them); I'm getting there slowly. Having said that, this adaptation really blew me away. The story is the same as in the original novel, but now its told its a still-visual form, instead of live action. The characters do not look like the ones in the TV show, because that's not what the creators of this particular work were going for. They wanted a fresh take on the story visually. They did a fantastic job. The world of Westeros that encompasses its lands, inhabitants, and plots, has been masterfully illustrated here. I was absolutely blown away by the artwork and the flow that the entire graphic novel had. The book is pretty big for those who haven't physically seen it. For the team adapting this to not miss the crucial parts of the story, while still keeping it enticing for readers, is nothing short of incredible.

A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, Vol. 1I'm not one to hype books very often. If I start talking very positively about a book, it means that I am awed and blown away by a GOOD BOOK. This is a very good book. I highly recommend it to ALL Game of Thrones fans, whether you watch the show, read the books, both, or even neither. This graphic novel is done in such a way that would make it a very good introduction to the land of Westeros for anyone who has yet to become familiar with it. 

However, as with all adaptations, things are cut out. Nothing too important was cut though and of course, with a book that has so many things going on, it can't all be captured in one graphic novel. That is exactly why there are multiple volumes. Well actually, there are several different issues and a few of them have been collected and presented in this book (Issues #1-6). I'm really excited to see how those turn out and hope that these adaptations will continue to be made for the rest of the series. Also, this is NOT a graphic novel that is suitable for children, as I'm sure most people familiar with this series already know. There is lots of blood, violence, nudity, and adult relations. This graphic novel is clearly for a mature audience, as has been shown in the books, as well as the show.

Final Lone Star Rating: ✯✯✯✯✯