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Today I'm doing something new. Sometimes authors or their agents e-mail me with requests, but I'm not too interested in the books or I just don't have the time to read them. However, I know that everyone is into different stuff and it wouldn't be fair of me to not let y'all know that these books exist if you ARE interested or have the time to check them out. Posts like these are what I'm calling Spotlight Promotion. This means that the post isn't a review, but that you'll get a summary and an image of a book with links to get more information or to purchase it. Hopefully some of y'all are interested in giving these books a shot since I can't. If you do, you can leave your thoughts in the comments, as well as any questions you may have. Also, feel free to e-mail me or message me through The Real World According To Sam's facebook page about these highlighted books if you read them or any other book you might be interested in me reviewing.


Author: Allison M. Dickinson
Genre: Horror/Suspense/Thriller
Publisher: Hobbes End Publishing
Publication Year: October 2013
*Note: this book is intended for a mature, adult audience*

About the book:
After four years of turning tricks in a mob-run New York brothel to pay off a debt, Nina is ready to go back to a quiet life in Iowa. Just one more client and the whole nightmare will be behind her, but this last trick turns into a battle for her soul. Meanwhile, the brothel’s sadistic Madam has been hiding away money in order to move up in her family’s organization, and she only wants the half million dollars the reclusive millionaire pays for the girls. But her driver Ramón has other ideas, making off with the money left behind when Nina’s last trick goes unexpectedly awry. The theft comes at a great cost to the Madam, setting off a horrific chain of events that changes them all. The hooker. The driver. The Madam. All of them on a collision course to a place where only madness holds sway.

You can purchase this book by clicking on the following link: Amazon

About the author:
Allison M. Dickson is a writer of dark contemporary fiction living in Dayton, Ohio. Though STRINGS is her debut novel, she has been writing for a number of years, with several short stories (including “Dust” and “Under the Scotch Broom”) available on Amazon. Two of her stories were featured The Endlands Volume 2 from Hobbes End Publishing. In 2014, Hobbes End will also be releasing her dystopian science fiction novel, THE LAST SUPPER, and she is independently producing her pulpy dieselpunk noir novel, COLT COLTRANE AND THE LOTUS KILLER to be released in November of 2013. When she isn’t writing, she’s one of the co-hosts of the weekly Creative Commoners podcast.  She might also be found gaming, watching movies, hiking the local nature preserve with her husband and two kids who also serve as willing guinea pigs for her many culinary experiments. Website:

The Real World According To Sam does not guarantee the quality or enjoyment of any book posted for Spotlight Promotion Posts, as the books showcased are  books that I have not personally read, but am helping to market. Do not hold me responsible for any lack of enjoyment you may experience when reading these books and let it be known that author bashing is never allowed on my blog in comments, we're all friends here trying to spread the good word about books and reading. 

Thanks for stopping by The Real World According To Sam, there will be a guest post from this author coming up next week so please come back and check that out. Until then,....get your read on!!!!


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