New Reviews and Summer Reading

This summer has been rather eventful. About 2 or so weeks ago I returned from our family vacation to San Antonio. I shall only say it was fabulously awesome. Since coming back, I have been to the local library and signed up for the first ever Adult Summer Reading Program. I don't know how great it'll work out considering this is the first year they've done it and it seems to be a trial run with quite a few errors here and there. We shall see how it turns out. Regardless of that, I have stocked up on books for summer reading. Most of my reviews have been on Goodreads and I don't have very much time to keep writing posts that are actually in depth reviews or anything. But I seem to have quite the number of readers and I know a couple who have greatly enjoyed the posts that I have done. So I have decided to review and talk about only those that I find exceptional on here. I will, however, try to post up occassional new blog entries where I will provide links to my other reviews on Goodreads. I hope this will go over well and I believe it is better than having a blog that sits around in cyberspace and is inactively used. I will remedy this to my best abilities. Hopefully you continue to enjoy my reviews or whatever tangents I happen to go on from this point on.

Here are links to the books I've read most recently:
Star Wars Death Troopers Review
Footprints of Thunder Review
Thunder of Time Review
Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love

Star Wars Death Troopers is a book by Joe Schrieber and is perfect for fans of horror with stomachs that can stand grotesque images painted by words that leave chills running up your spine....due to space. No prior knowledge of the Star Wars universe necessary.

Footprints of Thunder is the first book in a currently 3-book series by James F. David. It involves dinosaurs and disruption in the fabric of time. Most say it is Jurassic Park meets Twilight Zone, but I would say its less technological than Crichton's Jurassic Park in that humans do not create the dinosaurs in a lab. They appear once more on Earth and roam free. It is full of suspense and action and I would definitely recommend it to fans of Sci-Fi, particularly of things involving time or dinosaurs since those are the main things dealt with.

Thunder of Time occurs 10 years after Footprints of Thunder. It is the second book in the series and is packed with even more action and bewilderment than the first book. The first book set everything up and the second answers even more questions that readers may have. There are a few characters from the first book that make reappearances and are developed on a lot more than they were before. I enjoyed seeing the character developmetn and how each has changed over the time of both books and the time in between them.

Snog: A Puppy's Guide to Love is a book that is simply short quotes and lots of puppy photographs. Compared to the other 3 books above, this one is short, light hearted, and....adorable. Nothing to balance out zombies like a bunch of little puppies. The breeds are a great range, most appearing purebred and labeled mix when necessary. Each photograph has the puppy's name next to it as well as their breed. Terriers and boxers and labradors and many different puppies of all sizes and colors. Good photography.


I've also picked up a great number of books over the last few months, so hopefully as I continue reading I can bring you more and more reviews and find interesting things to share. I hope you enjoy these reviews and will continue to read my posts and can stick with me despite such long inactivity.

Thank you!!!