Movie Review: Sandy The Seal

Yet again, a film picked up at the local library. The cover is the reason for us picking this movie up. Who doesn't love an adorable seal?? So today, The Real World According To Sam brings you:

Sandy The Seal

Release Year: 1969
Genre: Family
My Rating: 3/5

The Premise:
(As read on back cover)

Sandy the Seal (1968)"A movie for the whole family to enjoy, Sandy the Seal begins when a lighthouse keeper finds a seal in need of help. He brings the seal home and asks his children to look after it, not having any idea of the world he's just entered.

Pretty soon, the man and his family are thrown into the world of illegal seal poaching. The seal they found, in fact, is only one of many seals that have been hurt or killed by the poachers. The man and his family find themselves leading the fight against the poachers, trying to rid the town of the abusive hunters and save the seals.

Featuring important moral lessons as well as nonstop entertainment, Sandy the Seal is a  film the whole family can enjoy together. "

This movie is a Digiview film, so therefore it is rather old and I cannot find a trailer.

This movie was entertaining. Sandy was so cute!! However, it is definitely not the best movie I have ever seen and I have a few bones to pick about it.

I understand that it is a movie and it is all fake,...but I found a couple of things that slightly bothered me. For example, the kids are about 8 & 7 or 9 & 8 and they have way too many freedoms. Yes, they now  have a pet seal, but that doesn't mean they can do whatever they want! Their parents buy them a boat/dinghy and they're just allowed to take it right out on the ocean, no problems. It doesn't end there though. They randomly pull out oxygen tanks and go scuba diving. Just like that! No suits or anything, just their normal swimwear and oxygen tanks. There were sharks and turtles in that shot. The mother tells them something later, but who even allows their kids to possess scuba gear and carry it around like its no big deal?? Not my parents. Also, I would have liked to see more emotion from the children. At times, they seemed almost lifeless.

Overall, Sandy the Seal is entertaining and I might watch it again, but I wouldn't highly recommend it. There was a startling lack of dialogue. The redeeming quality for this movie was Sandy and the seal footage. That was definitely worth my time. This movie would have been good with Sandy and the seals, no people. The actors didn't have that great of an impact.