Movie Review: The Librarian-Quest For The Spear

Another movie from the library, I picked this one up because I liked the title. It seemed adventurous and had comedy potential. Plus, librarians/nerds and ancient treasures are amazing!
The Real World According To Sam presents the TNT made for TV movie:

The Librarian: Quest For The Spear
Release Year: 2004
Genre: Action Comedy Adventure
My Rating: 5/5

The premise:
(As read on the back cover)

The Librarian: Quest for the Spear (2004)
"To be a librarian, you must master the Dewey Decimal System, ace internet research and, if you're new librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), save the world! Wyle (ER) heads a sterling cast in a fun, fantastical, special effects-laden adventure that soars around the world form the Metropolitan Library to the Amazon jungle to the Himalayas. Geeky Carsen lands a job as the Librarian, keeper of such top-secret Met treasures as Excalibur and Pandora's Box. Then the Serpent Brotherhood, seeking world domination, steals one of three parts of the magical Spear of Destiny from the library. Only Flynn, aided by a gorgeous bodyguard, has the knowhow to thwart their plan. But does he know how to be a hero? He will--even if he has to gouge, kick, punch, brave Mayan death traps and plunge off icy precipices every inch of the way!"

The trailer:

I really enjoyed this movie! When it finished, I was pretty pumped. I was excited to learn (that sounds really nerdy, but its completely true). I wanted to go to the library and immerse myself in the wonderful world of books. But it was around 10 PM, so obviously the library was closed. 

This movie has everything. Its funny, its witty, its full of suspense and adventure, it emits intelligence, there is history everywhere, we travel the world from our living rooms, and the most secret, magical treasures are presented. There is something for everyone in this made-for-TV-movie. 

The adventure reaches that of daredevils and the fight sequences are definitely fun. Wit abounds and the characters are memorable. Definitely worth the time to pick up and watch a couple times over. 

The Librarian is a must watch. I highly recommend it to everyone. Please rent it or borrow it from your local library NOW! I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed. I know I wasn't.  😀