Book Review: X-Club

I'm doing a little bit of research, so you'll be seeing some Graphic Novels popping up here and there. Yes, that's right. I used research and GNs in the same sentence. I use GNs as research. Research for what?? The book I'm starting on. ^_^ Finally! I'm finally getting some real work done.

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X-Men: X-Club

Writer: Simon Spurrier 
Artist: Paul Davidson
Year: 2012


X-Men: X-Club--as read on back of GN 

"We Do Science!

In the wake of Schism, the X-Men's Science Team takes it upon themselves to make a gesture of goodwill on behalf of mutantkind and better the world---using science. But just as construction of the X-Club's state-of-the-art space elevator nears completion, chaos erupts--and it appears to the world mutants are to blame! Can Dr. Nemesis, Madison Jeffries, Kavia Rao and Danger clear the X-Men's name before their experiment backfires? It's a thrilling sci-fi adventure that will surely change how you look at the X-Men---and the periodic table of elements---forever!"


Things are super chaotic and they're getting even more crazy as the story progresses! Things are completely out of balance, and no one knows why. An Atlantean dies and a ship ends up blowing up---and there's no explanation. So, BIG SURPRISE, mutants get blamed....nothing new there. 

At first, I was really confused and figured it was because I didn't read Schism and that I would just fill in the blanks as I went along. Turns out, I didn't need Schism after all! Everything gets explained in time and my confusion was gone, enabling me to just enjoy the ride. I can honestly say that this was one of the coolest X-Men GNs I've read (and I've read a pretty decent amount). I really liked how they incorporated the strangely affected ocean creatures. 

This one is my favorite of all. It made me laugh. I couldn't help imagining how much Sea World would freak out if Shamu started shooting out random beams of power. I really had to pay attention in order to find this one and I'm SUPER glad I didn't miss it. The artists took the name "Killer Whale" to a whole new level. Shamu's not happy.

 I didn't recognize very many of the characters (except for Scott Summers/Cyclops) and I am totally cool with that, because I was finally able to pick out a favorite character (typically, I can't pick favorites at anything). My favorite is Doctor Nemesis. He is so arrogant and his responses are hilarious. I love his comebacks. The best thing about him though, is his inner thoughts---which are revealed thanks to a starfish attached ridiculously to his head. I was laughing and it was just so much fun.

He got super cool points when he was somehow able to rope and ride a hammerhead shark. That's just epically cool! How often do you see the X-Men do that?!?!

This GN is a lot of fun and I got so turned around with the story line. First the ship blows up and the equilibrium of life gets whacked out. Next thing you know there's a mess dealing with a computer, a pregnant robot chick and just when you think you've seen it comes the Nazi! That's right, it all traces back to a Nazi. Isn't that how it always goes? Learned one thing though,...apparently a robot and a human can kiss---don't know how, but its possible now. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

Overall, this was one great graphic novel. I had a blast reading it and I'm glad that the library had it. I would definitely check this one out again to read over...if only to see the epic pictures--mostly the ones seen above--and to hear the sarcastic comebacks of Dr. Nemesis. 😀


  1. Great post! I want to start reading more graphic novels. I've loved the few that I've read. Anya's Ghost was my latest.

    Btw, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! :)
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