Book Review: Just Grace

My little sister is an avid reader, just like me and she recently read this book. She liked it and I decided to read it too. So today's book is for the smaller readers.

Just Grace

Author: Charise Mericle Harper
Genre: Children's
Year: 2007

Just Grace (Just Grace, #1)


Here are some things you will find in this book:
  1. Crinkles the cat, at least until he disappears.
  2. Fantastic friends like Mimi and the glamorous Augustine Dupre, who is from France.
  3. A boy with some unfortunate habits.
  4. And finally, four girls named Grace, which is entirely three Graces too many.

Here are some things you will not find in this book:
  1. A lost friend.
  2. The world's largest sandwich.
  3. A new neighbor who can do hand-stands. 
Maybe they will be in the next book. We will have to wait and see.


This book is really cute and told from the perspective of Grace, or Just Grace, due to a classroom misunderstanding. We experience her superpower of empathy and get to share all her pint-sized adventures. This time she is making feel-good postcards for her neighbor featuring photos of Crinkles the cat (Mrs. Luther's cat---the neighbor). Sammy Stringer, a boy with disgusting habits who Grace is not fond of at all, is framed for catrobbery because Crinkles is missing. Sammy and Grace will end up having to work together for a short bit of time if they want to find Crinkles and clear up a misunderstanding accidentally caused by Grace's empathy powers. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯.

Overall, this book is a really quick read, but is really fun since Grace is such a likable character and not overly dramatic like some children's characters tend to be.