Movie Review: Hercules

Today for our Summer Movie Night, I bring you another Disney Classic. This time from the Masterpiece Collection.

The Cartoon for today is:

Release Year: 1997
Genre: Animated Family Adventure
My Rating: 5/5

Here's the premise:
---Taken from the back of the cover

Hercules (1997)     "An outrageous odyssey of fun, fantasy and adventure unfolds in the hilarious hit film, HERCULES--Disney's 35th animated triumph 'brimming with comic surprise!'(Entertainment Weekly)
     Taken from the gods as a newborn, adopted on earth, Hercules becomes an awkward, teenage pillar of strength. Trying to fit in, he discovers Zeus is his dad and home is on Mount Olympus--if he can move from 'zero' to true hero! Hercules teams with babyhood pal Pegasus, the flying stallion, and Phil--a feisty personal trainer--for the mission. But it's no walk on the Acropolis. He must match wits with Grecian beauty Meg and a comical hothead named Hades, who's having a devil of a time with his hostile takeover of the Universe. He's armed with morphing morons Pain and Panic for help, and only Hercules stands in his way!
     With a bold animation style, colossal voice cast, and spectacular music, HERCULES is unmatched in strength--delivering something for everyone with 'pinwheeling, knockabout fun!'(Time)"

Here's the trailer:

What can I say about this movie? Hmm....amazing soundtrack for one. Let's see, hilarious and well thought out characters. Not to mention the awesomeness that comes with combining Disney magic with Greek legend. Hercules is a fun cartoon that is all about finding out who you are and where you belong. Its about looking deep inside yourself to realize where you fit in the big picture. It also shows how the little things can make life on Earth worth the while. 

I've always been rather fond of this cartoon (I like Greek mythology). Pain and Panic are some of the quirkiest henchmen/evil sidekicks I've ever seen. Hades' hot temper is unforgettable. Hercules is a lovable awkward guy finding his place in the world. Megara has her dark past and hidden secrets, but has a good heart and is rather seductive in certain instances. Phil is hilarious. Definitely one of the most fun characters in this cartoon. Pegasus acts so human, its madness. Not to mention that he's super pretty with his combination of white body and blue mane. 

Hercules is a cartoon that I don't believe will ever really get old storywise. It'll always be pretty relatable (and just look how long those Greek myths have been around). The music is great, I love to sing along. 

Overall, I would recommend that everyone watch Hercules at least once, because Disney did a wonderful job bringing Greek stories to life.