Movie Review: Splash

Once more, The Real World According To Sam brings you Summer Movie Nights. This time, we have a real treat for you. Tom Hanks is known for his roles in The Green Mile, Big, You've Got Mail, Forrest Gump, Castaway, The Terminal, and many others. Today, I bring you a lesser known movie featuring Tom Hanks.

Today's movie in our Film Series is:

"Allen Bauer thought he'd never find the right woman...He was only half wrong!"
A Touchstone Home Video
Release Year: 1984
Genre: Romantic Comedy Fantasy 
My Rating: 5/5

Here's the premise:

Splash (1984)"Tom Hanks (Academy Award Nominee, Big) stars as Allen Bauer, a workaholic who's convinced he can't fall in love. That is, until he's mysteriously rescued from a boating accident by the woman of his dreams! Before you can say 'mermaid,' Allen and Madison (Daryl Hannah, Steel Magnolias) are swept away on the tide of a hilarious and heartwarming romance. But when the world discovers Madison's secret, it's sink or swim for the two new lovers! Master filmmaker Ron Howard (Parenthood, Cocoon) directs a star-studded cast, including John Candy (Uncle Buck) as Hanks' hilariously obnoxious brother in a magical tale that you'll fall for--hook, line and sinker!"

Here's the trailer:

In case you didn't know, dear reader, I recently came back from a trip around Texas. {*We hit some good places, mostly marine themed. We walked down to the beach in Corpus Christi, where we were staying on an island not too far off the mainland. In Corpus Christi we went to the Texas State Aquarium. We even took a drive over to the North Padre National Seashore, home to numerous turtle hatchling releases. On our way back home to El Paso (the desert), we took another stop in San Antonio where we visited the RiverWalk and SeaWorld. So if you can see, I'm rather fond of water and the ocean (not sand or too much humidity though). A dolphin windchime hangs over my bed and I have shells on my desk. In my bathroom, there is a mirror with a complete shell border. This movie was right up my alley.}* 

 I love mermaids! Given, Madison is harmless compared to the Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides mermaids, but she has a lot more heart than most of them showed. The only thing she devours monstrously is a lobster----shell and all. 

This movie was very funny and full of excitement. John Candy provides an extremely outrageous character and really ties everything in. Tom Hanks delivers, as usual. Quickly gaining the audience's sympathy, we are there through all his heartache. When Madison finds Allen, we are so thrilled and when craziness breaks loose, we find ourselves in turmoil over how their story will turn out in the end. Daryl Hannah is such a believable actress and really played her part as it should have been played. Anyone else just wouldn't have cut it for me. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed! 

Take a dive into Splash, its worth giving a chance! ; )