Comic Crazy: Sense and Sensibility

Hi! Welcome back to The Real World According To Sam. We've been doing some pretty crazy work here, trying to keep interesting stuff posted and keep a constant pace with the posts. I'm trying really hard, I promise! For my public library's Summer Reading Program I am reading at least 8 books. I now present to you book #2!

Sense & Sensibility
Graphic Novel

Originally Written By: Jane Austen 
Adapted by: Nancy Butler (Writer) & Sonny Liew (Comic Artist)
Year: 2010



Two-time Rita Award-Winner Nancy Butler returns to Jane Austen's world, accompanied by Sonny Liew!
internationally acclaimed artist
Marvel's adaptation of Pride & Prejudice spent 13 weeks on The New York Times Graphic Novel Best-Seller list, and now comes the adaptation of Jane Austen's first novel. Published in 1811, it introduced readers to the world of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, two daughters without parents or means, forced to experience hardship, romance and heartbreak---all in the hopes of achieving love and lasting happiness. 


I've always been rather fond of Marvel and the outstanding work they've done. Pride & Prejudice was done fantastically. I can't pinpoint exactly what it is about Sense & Sensibility that I just didn't love. 
It could perhaps be the style that the characters are done in. When I see Chibi figures, I don't think Jane Austen. I think anime, as most people who watch anime probably would. Chibi is along the lines of adorable. Jane Austen is what I would call relatable. Perhaps its just that I'm not as into the story of Sense & Sensibility itself. Its not my favorite Austen novel, but I still remember that when I read it, I enjoyed it. 

Something in this graphic novel just didn't line up. I didn't much care for the characters--and I think it did a lot with how they looked. The story itself wasn't changed very much and everything seemed period correct. I just couldn't relate to the characters. The facial expressions were goofy and I felt like I was reading a graphic novelization of a cartoon...not a classic novel. 

However, all criticism aside, I don't regret having read this book. It was delightful in some instances. I can honestly say that the writing/story adaptation was done well and this book shows a lot of promise. The style just didn't hit my mark. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯.

Until the next review, 
...please don't twist your ankle, it will not end with your heart feeling well.