Book Review: Shakespeare For Dummies

For those who don't know, this fall I'll be a freshman in college. I was checking the textbooks I'll be needing and found out that for my theater class, I'll need Othello by Shakespeare. I decided to begin reading it a bit early. But before I read it, I wanted to brush up on my Shakespeare and get some background information.

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Shakespeare For Dummies
Author: John Doyle and Ray Lischner
Genre: Non-Fiction
Year: 1999


67712This book contains a background on the life of William Shakespeare, summaries for each of Shakespeare's plays, how to watch a play, where the best Shakespearean performances are, Shakespeare's poetry, and Shakespearean grammar and vocabulary.


This book was very easy to understand. It made Shakespeare enjoyable and approachable. It had lots of helpful tips for reading and watching Shakespeare's many plays. I really liked the play summaries. They're extremely useful for familiarizing yourself with Shakespeare's numerous works. I also was grateful for the explanation of Shakespeare's plots and the types of things he liked to use in his writing. A better comprehension regarding Shakespearean humor is also gained by reading this book. I read it cover to cover and I believe that it helped me a lot. I'll have a really easy time getting into Othello. 

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who has read or who is going to read Shakespeare. As one of the best playwrights, it is highly recommended that you be familiar with his work, since numerous movies, books, and songs reference his plays and sonnets. Definitely worth the time to work through. Great store of knowledge to be acquired here. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

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