Book Review: Donut Days

Walking through the library, I was searching for books to read for my Summer Reading Challenge. Mom lent me a helping hand and spotted this one. This is book #3!

What I'm Listening To:

  • You Are More by Tenth Avenue North
  • Be My Escape by Relient K

Donut Days

Author: Lara Zielin
Genre: YA Contemporary
Year: 2009


What would you do for a chance at salvation?

Emma's life is a mess. Her best friend isn't talking to her and the boy she's known forever and dismissed has suddenly turned into a hottie. As if that wasn't enough, her parents have decided not to pay for college unless Emma goes to a Christian school, something she absolutely does not want. Enter the Crispy Dream---a new donut franchise in town, where people camp out waiting to be the first ones served. The local paper is running a scholarship for the person who writes the best story about the donut camp. This could be Emma's big chance to take control of her future. But can she rely solely on donuts for her salvation?


Let me begin by saying that I like the cover. It's bright, it's fun and there are donuts. I'm rather fond of donuts (especially the chocolate coconut ones). As a matter of fact, the day before I finished reading this book, we made a run to the new Dunkin Donuts down the road. 

First thought after reading Chapter 1:
"Oh no! Not a bunch of those crazy Christians! Stop being so preachy through the book!" Yea...that was what I was thinking. Emma's parents are both pastors at Living Word Redeemer. Emma isn't the most gungho religious daughter. 

Basically, Emma is a very private girl. Her parents are private too. They keep things from her because they feel like they're protecting her, when she is already being immensely affected and knows more than they know. This book represents Emma's journey into finding her faith and strengthening the ties with those around her. She meets a biker gang and is constantly plotted against by a friend whose father is up to something sneaky and using the church to carry out his dastardly plans. 

Closing thought after finishing book:
"That was good! Nice ending...plenty of closure. Definitely worthwhile." 

I liked this book a lot more than I originally thought I would. This is why reading books completely through, even against first impressions, is extremely important and sometimes rewarding. I was taken by surprise by Donut Days. For this being her first novel, Lara Zielin did a remarkable job. The characters were relatable, well developed, and mostly likable. The plot had its dramatic points, a constant pace, decent flow and a good tie-up in the end. Everything about this book made sense once I had a grasp on the overall atmosphere. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

In the end, I would recommend this book to lots of people. It is a heartwarming story about family, life, spirituality and mostly about finding your place in the puzzle. Personal talents should be appreciated and used. 

Until my next review, 
I wish you all a wonderful day 😀