Book Review: Batman Gotham Knight

Every summer the Public Library here does a Summer Reading Club. Unfortunately, this is the last year I can do it. But anyway, the challenge is to read and log at least 8 books. Here is book #1!

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Batman Gotham Knight
Novelization by Louise Simonson
Based on the Screenplay by Brian Azzarello, Alan Burnett, Jordan Goldberg, David Goyer, Josh Olson, and Greg Rucka
Year: 2008


2578347From the heart of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne continues his war on crime as the costumed vigilante known as Batman. With the unlimited resources of Wayne Enterprises at his disposal, Batman has access to the advanced tools and technology that have become his weapons in his battle against the underworld. 

New allies, enemies, and challenges await Batman, but he must also deal with old dangers and loose threads. Not everyone is thrilled that there is a Batman to protect Gotham City, and there are many who want to take down the mysterious masked crime fighter. As Batman fights his never-ending battle to protect those he loves and clean up his great city, he will grow closer to becoming a legend and fulfilling a destiny he never imagined. 


I can honestly say that the blurb definitely does not do this book justice. Its so vague, that it doesn't provide you with any sort of good information for what the book is really about. There really are no attempts on Batman's life besides the typical things he faces when fighting wacked criminals. Instead, perhaps it should have gone something like this. 

"Batman is back and taking on more than ever. Gotham is in turmoil as gang wars kick up and public figures are skillfully assassinated. Homeless people are disappearing. Arkham Asylum inmates are running loose. Could it all be interconnected? As Batman faces these new dangers, he must also deal with some haunts from his past. Crime, Fighting, and Intrigue fill this book, sending you on a ride-along with your favorite vigilante."

Something like that. 

Definitely action packed, Batman Gotham Knight will leave you thirsting for more. Each punch and gadget provides an adrenaline rush that will send chills up your spine. Flashbacks to Bruce's past will give you a better understanding of how he became the masked vigilante that we've all been so impressed by for years. This is one of the better superhero books I've read. Some just don't measure up to the action seen in comics or movies, but this one provided a really good thrill. Bar none--the final three paragraphs closed it up wonderfully...just how I would have imagined it if I had been watching a movie. 

Overall, definitely worth the time. I would recommend that Batman fans read it as it gives a good insight and perspective to the Bruce Wayne we think we know so well. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

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