Book Review: Smarten Up!

Today's will be a review on a book that I took forever to read since I was so busy. This is the first Non-Fiction book I will be reviewing! I typically don't read much non-fiction, but hopefully I can mix one or two into my current to-read list.

What I'm Listening To:  

  • Africa by Toto
  • Se Vuoi Andare by Vanilla Sky

Smarten Up! How To Increase Your Brain Power  

Author: Roger Yepsen
Genre: Non-Fiction
Year: 1990


  • Why can the mashed potatoes you ate in the cafeteria at lunch make you too sleepy to ace a math test two hours later?
  • How can a good workout in gym make your brain tick more smoothly for the next few hours?
  • Is girls' thinking different from boys'? 

          We all want to think as clearly and effectively as possible, but many surprisingly common situations and conditions can keep us from doing so. In Smarten Up! Roger Yepsen discusses the impact on the brain of physical exercise, the body's natural clock, nutrition, and even the weather---and offers tips and explanations to help enhance or counteract their effects. And since no two brains are alike, several simple tests and experiments are included to help you determine how your own individual mind works.
           Smarten Up! tells you how to get maximum power from your brain---something everyone can use!


This book was pretty useful. Taught me some nifty stuff for the future. 
For example, when it comes to studying it is best to listen to music that is either quiet or familiar. When you hear familiar music, you are less likely to pay any real attention to it.  

Here's a random Creativity exercise from Chapter 9. You get cool points if you actually do it! 😀
"'Open House Experiment'
Put an open book on top of your head and pretend that it is the roof of a house. Open your eyes wide as if they were the upstairs windows. Open your mouth, the front door, so you can stick out your tongue and wave at friends going down the street."

Totally wacky!!

There were also artist & writer exercises that I'm going to be sure to use later on.  If you get the chance, you should check this book out, it is so informational and just all around great! I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

Until the next fun tidbit,