Vampire Darcy's Desire

Today I have a wonderful surprise!  By some miracle, I was able to have the opportunity to interview Regina Jeffers, author of Vampire Darcy's Desire. So, after reading today's review, head over to the Interviews & Miscellaneous Things tab and check it out! 😀

Vampire Darcy's Desire 

Author: Regina Jeffers
Genre: Horror Romance Retelling
Year: 2009 


     Vampire Darcy's Desire presents Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice as a heart-pounding vampire romance filled with passion and danger.  Tormented by a 200-year-old curse and his fate as a half-human/half-vampire dhampir, Mr. Darcy vows to live forever alone rather than inflict the horrors of life as a vampire on an innocent wife. But when he comes to Netherfield Park, he meets the captivating Elizabeth Bennet.

      As a man, Darcy yearns for Elizabeth, but as a vampire, he is also driven to possess her. Uncontrollably drawn to each other, they are forced to confront a "pride and prejudice" never imagined--while wrestling with the seductive power of forbidden love. Meanwhile, dark forces are at work all around them. Most ominous is the threat from George Wickham, the purveyor of the curse, a demon who vows to destroy each generation of Darcys.

     Written in authentic Austen style and faithful to its Regency-era setting, Vampire Darcy's Desire retells the greatest love story of all time in a hauntingly imaginative fashion.


Let's see...where do I begin? The words I associate with this book are: dark, playful, and most of all PASSION.  Passion plays a big part in this book. That's what drove me through my reading. It was fresh and true and filled with passion. Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship took on so many challenges throughout this book, it was wonderful to see them hang on through it all!!

    Real quick, true story here:  I was in Dallas in a book store. I had been really into Austen and had completed Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense & Sensibility. Since I really liked each of them, I decided that maybe it'd be cool to try something different. I wondered just how those adaptations worked and if they would be any good. I had never read an adaptation, but curiosity got the best of me. The first one I saw was this one. First thought: "Oh've got to be kidding me."    That's the first thing that ran through my head. I read the back and thought: "Hmm...maybe." I picked it up and carried it around for a while throughout the store while I looked at other items and got used to the feel of it in my hand. Then I looked at it again, and this time I thought: "Why the heck not?"  That's the story of how I picked up my copy of this book.

    Now, looking back, I realized that I made the right move when I bought it. I really enjoyed it! There were many sides of Austen's characters that I had never seen before. I felt a deeper connection to characters I already loved from my first reading of the original. I felt such a large sympathy for Mr. Darcy. The pain he faces and feels throughout the book is heart-wrenching! The vampire element was done well. You can tell that a lot of research has gone into making this book the wonderful story that it is.

      Before you start thinking: "I'm so tired of vampires!", don't! At least read this one before you do, because you will not regret it! The vampires that Jeffers portrays here are so much better than any other vampires I have EVER read about. This book kicked up my vampire interest, to tell the truth.

      The images painted are so vivid and the characters, I can't get enough about them! This book even goes farther than Pride and Prejudice did originally. It goes even farther into the relationship between Elizabeth and Darcy, and the battles they must face together, and shows that not only girls need saving! This is a masterpiece of epic proportions that needs to be read by fans of Pride and Prejudice, fans of the original vampires and those just in need of a good, passionate romance. Warm feelings just wrap themselves around me whenever I glance at this book on my bookshelf. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

Thank y'all for reading today's review. HUGE THANKS to Mrs. Jeffers for taking the time to do an interview! Head over to the Interviews & Miscellaneous Things tab to read the discussion I had with Ms. Jeffers. 😀

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  1. I really enjoyed your author interview. It was both interesting and thorough. I was not aware that so many Pride and Prejudice adaptations have been written. This merits a trip to the bookstore! Thanks for having such a wonderful blog. Keep up the great work! --p.valencia :O)

  2. Thanks for hosting me, Samantha. I appreciate the review and the exposure.

  3. Samantha, I hope your school project went well.

  4. I have to say Vampire Darcy is one of my favorite books. My comfort book that I turn to when I need to escape. This is a wonderful interview.


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