Comic Crazy: Batman Versus Bane

Since I was in such a good mood today, I decided to be generous and post up TWO reviews instead of only 1.  As a happy demeanor bonus, I present to you my review of the Graphic Novel, Batman Versus Bane.

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Batman Versus Bane 

Author: Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan
Genre: Graphic Novel 
Year: 2012



    Bane has faced the Batman and walked away victorious. Fueled by the strengthening serum known as Venom, he snapped the Bat's spine. Bane--and Bane alone--has taken down the Dark Knight. He proved that Batman could be defeated. That Batman could be broken. And with that, Bane cemented his place as one of Batman's all-time greatest adversaries.

     But prior to his triumph, the fearsome villain was just an orphaned boy, imprisoned by tyrants and used as a lab rat for high-risk experiments. Before he takes on the Batman once more in The Dark Knight Rises, read here the first appearance and origins of Bane, the man who broke the Bat!


I love comics, and Batman is my #2 favorite hero (which can be found under My Favorites Tab on The Hub page).  That being said, a really good friend of mine recently won this and passed it down to me since it was up my alley and not really hers. I was so excited!! 

My excitement remained until I reached the end and realized just how much of Bane's backstory doesn't even involve Batman. I saw Batman a grand total of about 5 times, 7 at most. The title is very misleading. True, the blurb says it is the origin of Bane, but then why name the book: Batman Versus Bane?? There really is no VERSUS part in it. It should have been something along the lines of: Bane-The Back Story   OR Bane Origins OR even The Origin Of Bane.....heck, I'd even go for Bane: The Man Who Broke The Bat.  You know, something that tells what is actually gonna be read about. The book was still good, I just wished they had left out the VERSUS part. Everything besides the misleading title was cool though.

There was just enough blood spatterings, enough depth on each page and the proper amount of shadowing for each character and scene. There was also a pretty good amount of villain view time for Ra's Al Ghul (Or The Demon's Head). He's a pretty evil guy. Wouldn't wanna cross his path in a dark alley......believe me. I give this book a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯.

Until the next review,
    I hope you have a great time in Arkham Asylum!  😀


  1. I have to agree, a poorly constructed book/comic title can and does detract from one's enjoyment of a story. :O( Thankfully, it is one that can easily be avoided. :O) I really like the title Bane: The Man Who Broke The Bat. It is really catchy and cool. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to your next blog. ~~~~p. valencia


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