Bridget Jones's Diary

This is my first REAL book review post on my blog. Hopefully, there will be many more to come. πŸ˜€ This is the first JA* book review.

Bridget Jones's Diary 
Author: Helen Fielding  
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Year: 1996
I began this book thinking: 'oh my gosh what in the world am I getting myself into?' Upon completion: 'that was actually rather good, how could I have thought of it so poorly before I had given it a chance?'  [After the first month, I found myself wondering: 'How in the world is this actually classified as being based, even loosely, off of Pride & Prejudice.' I saw it as a contemporary chick-lit novel [of which this is my first in the genre] with a weak-spined heroine who has absolutely no self-respect. But after a few months, I was totally into what was happening to poor, dear Bridget. I had been sucked into the realm of chick-lit.

I went from thinking 'She is a really terrible representation of a woman compared to Elizabeth Bennet' to 'Poor Bridget has almost the same events occur to her that occurred to Elizabeth Bennet---but on modern day steroids.'

What are the similarities between BJ'sD and P&P?
1. Bridget Jones almost [pretty much] falls for a Wickham-esque male.
2. Bridget Jones has an embarrassing family member who is absolutely ridiculous in almost every way imaginable [Her mother blends Elizabeth Bennet's mom AND sister Lydia]
3. Bridget Jones was totally prejudiced against Mark Darcy because of his status {not to mention that horrible sweater and those ridiculous socks}
4. Bridget Jones' mother has a ridiculous affair and leaves the country {Lydia ends up having to be married off to Wickham because of their elopement that led them out of the town and they also had to be hunted down}
5. Bridget Jones' parents have a rather rocky/odd relationship
6. Mr. Darcy saves the day!!! [as always] {for the girl he all of a sudden loves πŸ˜ƒ}

What are the differences between BJ'sD and P&P?
1. Elizabeth Bennet does not have alcohol or smoking problems
2. Elizabeth Bennet's parents do not end up leaving each other
3. Elizabeth Bennet's mom does not have an affair with a foreigner and leave the country after robbing people of their money
4. Elizabeth Bennet has a sister who is robbed of romantic opportunity until the end {Bridget has a brother whose relationship ends up being a little rocky and we don't find out what happens or what happened to make it end up that way}
5. Elizabeth Bennet does not sleep with or "snog" random guys.

Overall, this book left me laughing rather often. While I did not really relate to Bridget Jones too much [I don't drink, smoke OR sleep around], I did find her to be a rather entertaining character. It also left me with a greater appreciation for my parents’ FUNCTIONAL relationship. The only downside to this novel is its recurring vulgarity. I've read a great number of books that have been humorous while still staying clean. All in all, a generally good read.πŸ˜€I give it a Lone Star rating of ✯✯✯✯.

*JA is my Jane Austen based series of book reviews