Publication Expectation

Being Forced To Wait For Publication Dates Is One Of The Worst   Methods Of Torture Imaginable

So I finished the book Fever by Lauren DeStefano today. I really enjoyed it. It was released late last month.
For those who don't know, Fever is the second book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy. Fever follows after Wither. I really enjoyed it and was totally left hanging. When I got home from school, I logged onto my Goodreads account and looked up book 3 to see when I could be expecting to read it. To my dismay, it is expected to be released on April 1st, which NORMALLY would be okay...if it wasn't the April 1st of NEXT YEAR! Super sad face.

In lieu of that, it finally dawned on me why I have always waited a while before reading newer books. If you wait, you have no worries about when the next book will come out. Another example of this would have been the Harry Potter series. Each year a new book, but every time you finish one you immediately want the next. I understand that it is a typical marketing & sales technique, but it is still irritating nonetheless.

So now for the closing question: Which book did you wait the longest for? How long did you wait? Which series are taking forever and you just might lose your mind?
Until next time! 😁