Book Review Rubric

"How I review books."

Often, people ask me why I give a book a certain rating. I always try to answer as honestly as possible, so I tell them my rubric which can get a little wordy. As I was sitting in English class recently, my teacher handed out an essay rubric and I just thought, "Hey! I could do that instead!" So without further ado, here it is.....{You are more than welcome to apply this to your own reviews}

Star Rating: 

0               Put simply, this book has no redeeming qualities. It stinks all the way around. The only possible good quality about these books are the ends and the covers. [While GoodReads does not allow 0 stars, it will be stated at the beginning of my review and will be categorized as a 1 star....unfortunately].  Characters aren't developed and don't make any sense. Plot is confusing and is never really tied up. These books feel as if they were just pasted together with no consideration as to the order in which they should go. Sloppy, gross and completely unacceptable. {A book you have to force yourself to finish because it is just THAT bad}

1               Book has no flow. Book has undeveloped characters. Book's plot wasn't developed or     explained properly.     Book was labeled improperly. Book did not meet standard.

2               Book has some flow. Book has some well developed characters but leaves others undeveloped. Book's plot started out right but fell short of the mark. Book almost met standard.

3                Book has flow. Main/Most characters are developed, and they are average characters. Book's plot was developed and touched the mark. Book meets standard.

4                Book has good flow. Main/Most characters are well developed and have something relatable about them. Book's plot was developed and hit the mark. Book passes standard.

5        -rare occasion-  Book has GREAT flow. ALL characters are WONDERFULLY developed. The characters are relatable and they are easy to love or hate [realistic].  Book's plot is AMAZINGLY developed, makes sense, but STILL has unexpected twists & turns. Book slaps the mark. Book surpasses standard by a mile. [Also has an element of "Je ne sais quoi" that is felt while reading, not an explainable quality as that it is different for everyone]

      So there you have it. That is my basic rubric for reviewing books. Its actually not as strict as it may sound, because I don't follow it in a drill sergeant manner. Its a nice, loose reference. If I ever read any of your books, and you have questions about why I gave it a certain rating.......just come here and check it out. Hopefully it helps to clear up any confusion and aids any straggling reviewers get their feet in the door.