Change of Plans

Ok. I'm going to apologize again, because this is perhaps the millionth time I've changed my mind on what I'm going to do. Just forget what I said last post. I've rethought this whole plan of mine to put the reviews on Goodreads and then link them here.....I'm flipping it. So from now on, I'm gonna have teasers on my Goodreads for any of y'all who know me on there, and the main reviews are going to be here on my blog. It's just so much easier that way. It's summer so I should have more time to get posts to you all and actually show that this blog is alive and kicking. Even after almost of full year of doing close to nothing. College has taken up a lot of time, but I have my hands and mind free to put into this little side project hobby of mine.

I'm going to try to bring in a lot more variety and depth into the reviews. Hopefully y'all enjoy it and keep coming back for more. Also, it'd be awesome if I could get more feedback from readers, giving suggestions, mentioning anything you think I'm doing right and should continue with. That'd be great, so if you can, just take 5 minutes and give it to me straight. Nothing lengthy necessary, just a quick note. 

I don't know if y'all would like me to keep doing movies as well, or if I should just stick to reviewing books. I have an idea for something new I'd like to try out and we'll see how that goes. I've also realized that I've not done reviews for some of my absolute favorite books, which blew my mind and made me feel absolutely horrible. What kind of reviewer am I if I don't even say something noteworthy about my favorites?

Hopefully I'll have somehting new for y'all within a week or two. Here's to a new summer and some fresh reviews!