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Hello! Welcome back to The Real World According To Sam. For those who came by on Wednesday, you know that I have a special treat for you today! For those who didn't, thanks for joining us, here is the link to Wednesday's review so you can see what you missed:

Cassie Scot #3: Mind Games Review

This is another post, celebrating the upcoming release of Christine Amsden's book Mind Games, which is the third book in a series featuring Cassie Scot. Instead of a review....I am pleased to welcome Evan Blackwood! Evan Blackwood is the male lead in the Cassie Scot series and Cassie's love interest. He happens to be my personal favorite character and he has been kind enough to join us today! He agreed that I could interview him. I am so excited to share this experience with you, so let's get started.

Hello Evan. Welcome to The Real World According To Sam. The last we heard of you, you had broken up with Cassie and had left town. Were you planning on leaving for good this time? 

No, Eagle Rock is my home and always will be, but I needed time to get away and think. I learned something unthinkable recently. It had me reeling. I didn't want to believe it at first, but when I confronted my dad about it … well, honestly, I'm surprised the entire town didn't hear the argument. I haven't spoken to him since then. 

You've appeared to have a thing for Cassie for a rather long time now, having proposed  and all. When did you decide you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her?

I knew it the very first day I met her – the first day of first grade. I was a bit awkward. Well, I'd never been to school before. Never spent much time around other kids. I said something that had everyone laughing at me and she stood up for me. I decided then and there that I'd grow up and marry her and I never changed my mind. All right, all right! No, I didn't entirely understand the concept at the time, but the desire never went away. It didn't hurt that Cassie grew up to be a beautiful woman. 

I think a lot of us readers really enjoy the romantic tension that exists between you and Cassie. I've been dying to know: how much do you love Cassie?

I'm no poet to count the ways. But I think, even if I can never have her for myself, that I will always protect her. How much is that? Maybe not enough. I never thought love would be this hard. 

Her rejection of your proposal must have hurt deeply, but do you think you'll ever give up and leave her alone? She has asked for that several times and you seem to be incredibly stubborn, doing the exact opposite. 

I really think I've lost her now. Nothing's gone the way I meant it to, not since the day I saved her life. I thought it would be so convenient that she owed me her life, but it ended up making things harder! And when she said no … well, I thought it had just been bad timing at first. Her parents had just betrayed her. She was upset. But now I've learned something terrible, something that will make her hate me when she finds out. Of course, she hates me now because I left without telling her. I've really messed up. 

Given what you found out about how you came to possess so much power, do you ever plan to tell Cassie yourself?

Yes. I'm going to tell her. I swear I am. Just as soon as I get back into town. 

If you were given the means and the opportunity, would you return what was taken or undo what happened to Cassie? 

If you found out you had someone else's intelligence, or artistic ability, or beauty, or whatever's important to you, would you give it up? I wouldn't even know who I was without it. 

Evan, you've finished your apprenticeship and gone off on your own. What are your current plans? Plans for the future?

I'm probably going to join Alexander DuPris's effort to unify the country's magic users. There are too many unchecked sorcerers preying on the weak and helpless; blood mages, slave traders, and drug dealers, just to name a few. I think I can help. I've always seen myself as a superhero without the silly cape. Truth. Justice. The American way! 

I wanted to get married and have children, too. I'm trying not to dwell too much on that part of the plan at the moment, since it doesn't look likely to happen. 

Throughout your latest escapades, you've been surrounded by people that seem to constantly be using you or lying. Has this affected you in anyway? 

Everyone lies and everyone tries to use one another. The only one with the power to hurt me was my father, when I found out how he used me against his arch-nemesis, Edward Scot. He ruined my life. 

What is your opinion of Cassie's new squeeze, Matthew Blair?

What?!?!? There's no way. I thought she'd patched things up with her family and they would never let that low-life mind mage get near their daughter. I didn't think his family had enough power to befuddle her whole family, but it's the only possible explanation. Or a debt. I have to go NOW. 

All right then Evan. Thanks for stopping by!!!

That was the EXCLUSIVE interview with Evan Blackwood, one of the many sorcerers residing in Eagle Rock. I'm so glad he had the time to stop by and spend some time with all of us here. I really hope you enjoyed this interview! Let me know down in the comments, as well as any suggestions you may have for future posts. Just below will be links to purchase the latest book in the Cassie Scot series for anyone interested. Also listed will be my reviews for the previous books if you haven't yet checked those out. Thanks for coming! Another post will be going up next Wednesday, as I'm going to try and remain on a posting schedule from here on out as much as possible. You can expect a lot more to start coming your way!

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting this interview! I may be able to convince Evan to stop plotting ways to rescue Cassie long enough to answer follow-up questions, if anyone has any. :)


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