What's Up With Sam? #2: Updates and Life

Hey there! This is Sam. I haven't done another What's Up With Sam? post in a while....but alas, this one I am not using as a way to link fun stuff. Sorry. This What's Up With Sam? is literally to tell you what's going on with me and how it may affect you, my readers.

I did not put up a book review this past week. If you didn't notice....well now you know.

As to the why I didn't post a review this week....I usually post on mondays. Its the easiest day to post things. Within the next few weeks this may change. For those who don't know, I am in college. This fall begins my second year, my Sophomore year. School begins next monday, the 26th of August. Whoopee! Due to my schedule being awesome, I start class early in the morning and continue until about 6:30ish This is the same for wednesdays and fridays are half days. I have no school tuesday or thursday.

I still have lots of reviews lined up from books I've been reading over the summer. So luckily, this semester I can keep my blog going instead of dropping it like I did the past 2 semesters. However, I will pry post up stuff on Tuesdays or Thursdays instead since those will be my slower study days when I can quickly pop in and out to toss something up here.

This past Monday I was rather busy. I had to pay tuition dues and for those who don't know, I am vice president of an organization at the university I attend. I had an officer meeting and that took up some time. By the time I finished everything I had to do, I just didn't think posting a review this week would be wise. I'm still trying to finish up some other books too! I have a couple more to finish before I go on a mild reading pause. Studying is a requirement and that means less fun reading time. Maybe just a chapter a night....that might work.

I was considering posting on Sundays but.....Sunday isn't the right day for blog posting. And besides, I'd already have a bad start on it this week. This Sunday is my birthday and I refuse to do any posting on the day I turn 19. It's not happening. As fun as it is, I have other fun to be had that day.

SO there's the reasons for upcoming changes and possible reasons for a lack of posts in the future. I might forget to do one because I have a Latin test or something. I'm really looking forward to this semester and maybe I'll find out some cool stuff to share with you about a topic I have in class or maybe I'll learn some cool new stuff about the university that I can share. That's always fun.

Thanks for understanding how all this stuff works and how life intervenes. You'll still be getting posts....that I can assure you. I've planned it so I should have enough book reviews written to last me until the end of the semester. I took great reading advantage of my summer.

New review will be up next week I hope. So until then, have a great week!