What's Up With Sam? #1: Sci-Fi Classics Reinvented

So this is something new that I am trying. I frequently run across things that intrigue or catch my attention and I'd like to start sharing these things with my blog readers. Some of the things included in future posts could be news tidbits I found interesting, articles I stumble across, a song, a movie trailer....anything that sparks interest to me and I feel the need to share with others. The bolded, different colored titles are links, so feel free to click on those and take a peek!

Wondering what's up with Sam this week?
Well for starters....this:

10 never-Published Michael Crichton Titles to be Released as e-books
This got me a bit excited. I don't buy many e-books. The e-books I have on my Nook are all author gifts. I've never bought a single e-book. Yet I have an e-reader. Something about regular print books excites me more than the idea of digital pages, but when you travel, its no longer logical for me to carry 3-4 paperbacks when I can carry 10 e-books plus Wi-Fi accessible internet browsing.
I am a big reader of Crichton's works and I already knew about his past pen names. I have spent the past year looking for his older novels published under these names when I go to the library or a used bookstore. Among these pseudonyms are John Lange, Jeffery Hudson, and Michael Douglas. Last year or the year before, I was lucky enough to run across one of these novels. I was out of town, in Dallas, TX and had gone to one of the many Half-Price Bookstores in the DFW metroplex. I found a book, which I have since reviewed on this blog, called Grave Descend which was written under the name of John Lange. I knew it was his due to prior research I had done. It wasn't a technothriller, it was a fictional crime book and was still just as entertaining. Very small, quick read, but fun none the less. I'm still searching for his other pseudonym novels (minus A Case of Need, having already read it as my first book for this year in January). Its good to know that those books have not been forgotten and will be available, even if it is in e-book format. I'm still gonna search for them as print copies, but it's still relieving to know.  This article was released at the end of May, so its still fairly recent. I'd like to know which 10 they are talking about. A nice list would've been very helpful.

Back To Back To The Future Comic Book
Those of you who have been reading my blogs since the beginning might recall my Summer Movie Nights posts from last summer. If not and if that seems interesting, you can head on over to the tab at the top jsut under the blog title and click the one that says movies. That will lead you to a complete list of movies I've reviewed in alphabetical order with the titles being links to the review.  For those who may not remember, I reviewed the 80s classic Back to the Future. All 3. Now when I watched them, I got them from the library and happened to have them as the special 25th(?) anniversary edition, jam-packed with special features and behind-the-scenes stuff. Very cool to watch. I recall hearing that some guy named Eric Stoltz was going to originally play Marty McFly, but was replaced by Michael J. Fox (rightly so as I find that done with anyone else, Back to the Future would not be as fully awesome as it is....in my opinion). But somebody else thought otherwise and made a move. They made a comic book, in 6 issues, that keeps Eric Stoltz in the role of Marty. Might be pretty interesting to check out at some point if you're into that series and are curious how it might've been otherwise. David Guy Levi is his name and his game (comic book, please excuse my Dr. Seuss rhyming habit) is entitled: Back to Back to the Future. Unfortunately I was unable to download the first issue onto my Nook and had to settle for putting it onto the computer. Its only 23 pages, nice and quick.

William Shakespeare Meets Star Wars Book Trailer
Yes, dear reader, you read the title correctly. I am so very ridiculously intrigued by this. Basically, this is the product when someone decides that Star Wars should meet and breed with the skills of long dead playwright William Shakespeare. I am no stranger to the work of Shakespeare (being a college student planning to major in English & American Literature and having taken English in public school as required). Neither am I a stranger to the Star Wars universe, having seen all 6 movies and having read or planning to read several Star Wars books. I've also played Lego Star Wars for my DS as well as a Jedi Starfighter game on my PS2. In my opinion.....this idea is EPIC and I want in. I hardly ever pay attention to newly released novels, but this one I can't seem to resist. As time allows me I will definitely find a way to get this into my hands. Be it from the library eventually, bought by me with money I don't have (highly unlikely), or maybe a nice present I may soon receive for my birthday in 2 months from my parents...I know you're reading this mom. ;)  I think this book is definitely something to look into. Sounds too entertainingly marvelous to pass up.
William Shakespeare's Star Wars Excerpt ....Reading this excerpt just made me more excited. So much so I had to read the words softly out loud to myself as I quickly filled with giddish glee.

I only just stumbled upon Entertainment Weekly's site today while looking for stuff on Michael Crichton. Ended up finding so many interesting things to share. I think this will do for now, later I will return with yet another post with other things to show you as an example of some of the stuff that peaks my interest. Of everything I read, that Star Wars + William Shakespeare has to be the greatest. I'm real excited about that. Just when I thought that creativity in our society was starting to die, someone in the publishing business pops up and totally redeems themselves. I'm psyched.

What's Next for Sam?
At present I am reading a book by the name of Iron Man: Virus by Alex Irvine. I have to finish it by tuesday, July 2. So hopefully I can get up a review for that soon. The last book I finished was Planet of the Apes and I recently watched the older movies, for be prepared for that to come your way. Once I finish with those 2 things, I can get back to the other book I was reading A Big Little Life by Dean Koontz. This is a memoir about a dog that he owned who changed his life and his outlook on it overall. Very good so far, its the first animal memoir....really the only MEMOIR, I've ever read and I'm really liking it. That's what you can look forward to in the weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading!!!!


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