My Favorite Things

On here I just thought I would include some things that I find fabulously awesome.

What do I think is cool? You're about to find out😀

  • Spider-Man!!! ----coolest Super-Hero EVER!
  • Batman----Fav. DC, cuz he doesn't have to do what he does
  • Pretty much any superhero.....  -----yeah, superheroes are awesome
  • Comic Books😁     They teach you so much, and people just don't           appreciate them like they used to
  • Hockey----my #1 Sport
  • Baseball----my #2 Sport
  • Trains---I really enjoy riding trains
  • Sword Fights---the metal clang is music to my ears 😀
  • Pirates-----they get cool outfits, swords, music...and no homework lol
  • Marine Creatures-----Dolphins, Sea Lions, Orcas, Belugas, Sharks -graceful and just so chill!
  • Lots of other animals---Owls, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions...too many to list completely >.>
  • The Simpsons  ------America's favorite yellow family  
  • That 70s Show  -----Hilarious...'Nuff said
  • Friday Night Lights (The Show) -Clear Eyes, Full  Hearts, Can't Lose
  • The Big Bang Theory   -----Nerds + Comedy = Brilliant
  • Nerds...       ----Smart! Pretty cool people..
  • Jurassic Park  ----I'm gonna refer you to two bullets below this one
  • Mermaids   -----So pretty, but still potentially deadly
  • Dinosaurs  ---Love them so much, I have a pet velociraptor...his name is Vinny 😀
  • Pokemon ----Gotta Catch 'Em All!!!
  • Jewelry Making ---Cuz my hands get bored, so I should do something pretty
  • Movie Music  ----Always so epic and descriptive 
  • Instrumental Stuff  ----Untainted by voices...pure and energetic 
  • Celtic Music!!    ---Need I say anything? Go look up Lord of the Dance
  • Clarinet---coolest instrument EVER!!!  
  • That wonderful JAZZ sound   ----Beauty to my pumping
  • Super Metroid----because Samus is the coolest Space Pirate Bounty Hunter EVER!!!
  • My Gamecube, because Nintendo should've stopped was too awesome to have been left behind
  • STAR WARS!!!   Nothing like events taking place: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away......."
  • LEGOS!!! For those with endless imagination 😀
  • Tuck Everlasting...the book and movie are equals in my mind albeit their obvious differences
  • Pirates of the Caribbean----sexy pirates, wicked swordfights and epic music...what could be better than that??
  • The Texas Star Ferris Wheel---so pretty!!
  • Texas-----what isn't there to love?? 
  • Ferry Boats----I love those...they're so relaxing
  • Fiddle in Country & Celtic music--its just so pretty and fun, typically leads to me dancing😄


  1. Nice Blog! I love the background.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really glad you like it. It is a picture I took of tghe Texas Star ferris wheel in Fair Park over in Dallas =]

  2. ...some other things you like are music, movie scores, jewelry making, and pokemon :O)

  3. Hey! This is fun blog you have here. I'll be sure to keep reading.

    your newest follower,


  4. You should do a review about some Pokémon movies sis. I'd like that like the very first one maybe Diancie. When you have the time of course.


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