Movie Review #1: Soul Man

Its summertime!! Mom & I decided it would be great to start watching our entire movie collection. After much more thought, I decided I'd like to share my movie experience with you. Some of these movies are older or really aren't too well known nowadays. Still, lots of them are very entertaining.

Welcome to Summer Movie Night!
Each movie we watch, I will be featuring here, with a full review--just like I would do for a book (which makes sense since movies are just visual stories).

The first movie, which I'll be featuring today, is:

Soul Man 
A Comedy With Heart And Soul
Release Year: 1991
Genre: Romantic Comedy
My Rating: 4/5
Here's the premise:

C. Thomas Howell in Soul Man (1986)"Mark Watson is going to Harvard Law School on the prestigious Bouchard Fellowship--for an outstanding black student. There's one small problem...Mark Watson is white. Brother, is HE in for an education.
    Mark is desperate to get into Harvard--just desperate enough to swallow a handful of experimental tanning pills. That's when the fun begins! It's "Tootsie" and "Trading Places" all rolled into one hilarious masquerade romp. Instantly black, Mark finds himself seduced by an uppercrust white coed, jailed without reason, shunned by a beautiful black student (Rae Dawn Chong), and the butt of obnoxious pranksters. Mark's shoe is on the other foot and he's in for a lesson he will not soon forget. "

Here's the Trailer:

This movie is definitely worth every minute. Soul Man left me laughing, and at the end of the night my stomach hurt. 

The cast consists of: Rae Dawn Chong--who will only be known in this day and age as the daughter of Chong, that guy who plays Leo in That 70s Show. She plays Sarah Walker, one of Mark's classmates and his love interest. Mark Watson is played by C. Thomas Howell who has been in many films including E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and The Outsiders. Mark's best friend Gordon Bloomfeld is played by Arye Gross, who has appeared in a great number of TV shows including CSI NY, Law & Order, and Numb3ers. 

According to my new movie rubric (which should be up relatively soon), I would give this movie a 4. It is a successful comedy and it still shows a great deal of heart. It has its share of romance that is meaningful and not overly sappy while still managing to get valuable ideas across to the audience. Stereotypes are presented and help to spread the message of equality. Mark faces a lot of difficulties in his short time as a Black student. From jail to racist jokes, this movie has it all. 

If given the opportunity to watch Soul Man, do not pass it up!