Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Lure Of The Sea

So these past 2 weeks, I've been spending some time in our wonderful state of Texas. It began in Dallas for business, then we took it down to Waco to check out the Waco Mammoth Site (which I will be featuring in a  later post). After Waco, we went through Austin, with a brief stop at the Bob Bullock Museum of State History (again, later post), and eventually arrived in San Antonio. After a few afternoons at Sea World, we went coastal and spent a little time in Corpus Christi visiting the Texas State Aquarium (fp) and the National Seashore (fp) as well as a couple of walks down to the beach from our hotel. Then we headed back into San Antonio and checked out the RiverWalk and the famous Alamo, or as I prefer to call it by its original name, the Mission de San Antonio de Valero. We ended our trip by spending a final day at SeaWorld.
        In all honesty, SeaWorld was my favorite part of this trip. We bought the annual passes and we will hopefully be returning soon! There are so many great things about SeaWorld--to name a few:

  •         The shows are extremely entertaining
  •         The food is delicious and there is a lot of variety
  •         All the animals are beautiful and marvelous to look at
  •         The tanks and other exhibits are so professional
  •         The staff is extremely friendly and helpful ^_^
  •         The shops sell many different items, so its impossible not to find something you like
  •         The rides are definitely worth the wait
  •         The background music is great (in my opinion)
I would love to spend a lot of time and posts talking about how great SeaWorld is, and how much I wanna go back, but I think its time for me to get to the point. 
       The list of current SeaWorld shows is as follows:
            • Shamu Rocks
            • One Ocean
            • Azul
            • Cool Vibrations
            • Sesame Street 4D: Lights, Camera, Imagination
            • Sea Lions Tonite
            • Cannery Row Caper
            • Elmo Rocks
            • Pirates 4D

      Azul is my favorite!
I saw it twice, because once just wasn't enough. In the beginning, there's a little pre-show featuring a guy who just can't seem to catch a break. Fountains spout water at him from different directions and he does his best to remedy the situation with his comical antics..many of which involve dropping water onto unsuspecting audience members. 

Next thing you know, a fog comes out near the stage---which looks like this, to help you get a visual. 
The music for Azul is breathtaking and has a mystical feel that is sometimes very tropical and other times has latin zest. The show revolves around "the lure of the sea."
The trainers interact with dolphins and beluga whales.  
Synchronized Swimming also has a role.

And then there is the beauty and thrill of acrobatics!
This girl is supposed to represent a macaw. She is hanging onto that silk which is attached to a hoop above the pool. Its so beautiful the way she moves and ties herself through the silk...its stunning!
Thats the beauty.

The acrobats in green are the thrill. They do intense dives into the pool from various heights. They are so skilled and amazing! Whenever they do something, you hear the audience gasp in fear and excitement.
And another thing that I love about Azul is the bright colors! The outfits are so imaginative. Just scroll back through the pictures and you'll see exactly what I mean. The trainers wear a pinkish orange wetsuit that looks like a wet-tie-dye. The Macaw girl has one of the most extravagant outfits. She even has wings!!! The acrobats outfits may also resemble birds...which would make sense since they're flying through the air with the greatest of ease. They have green bodysuits with red bellies and pieces of fabric hanging off that just might be resembling feathers.
The synchronized swimmers wear yellow wetsuits and goggles. The yellow is decorated with purple and white stripes (as seen in the pictures above)...which is what makes me think that they're supposed to be fish.

Azul is an amazing show. If you have the opportunity to go to SeaWorld, I would highly recommend it!  A beautiful soundtrack, delightful performers, beautiful animals and intense acrobatics make this show a must-see!

Until our next encounter, farewell!!
Be careful for The Lure Of The Sea ;)


  1. Just have to say the BGM of Sea Star Market isn't so great when you have to listen to the same 2 songs all day long. :P

    1. Haha couldn't really hear it over the sound of soda cups being filled and orders being taken. =/

  2. Thats a good show Kari.

    1. Isn't it just the best?!?! I wanna see it again!!! =D